January 28, 2022 4 min read

Would you rather live a life that leaves you filled with hate and regret on your death bed…


Give life everything you’ve got to build something amazing?

If you’re anything like me, the choice is obvious...

Chase your dreams.

Too many people let fear keep them from chasing their dreams and living the life they truly want in their heart.

The question is ... are you going to be one of these people?

Because I can promise you this...

Even though chasing your dreams is extremely difficult…

It’s going to be worth it.

Always chase your dreams.

To do so, you're going to have to get over the fears that keep most people from ever reaching their dreams.

Quit Worrying About What People Think

I know what it’s like to get laughed at for your goals and dreams…

I know what it’s like to get criticized…

I know what it’s like to be told “you’re being unrealistic”...

Or, “you’re being materialistic”...

But the thing is ... when this happens, you can’t listen to them.

These people are uncomfortable, because you’re making them realize they don’t have the same ambition or goals as you…

They are complacent.

Whenever you have big goals and dreams

Most people are not going to believe in you.

You have to face this fear of rejection…

Are you really going to let other people dictate whether you’ll pursue your dreams or not?

You shouldn’t.

These people are going to hold you back from the life you truly want.

Don’t Concern Yourself With “What If”

Too many people get in their head when it comes to reaching their goals and dreams.

They start to imagine made up scenarios about “what if __ happens?”

You have to stop worrying about what could possibly go wrong.

You’re going to have bumps and failures along the road…

...and plenty of them too.

That doesn’t mean you won’t reach your goals and dreams.

You have to start moving and take it day by day ... one task at a time.

If you let a POTENTIAL downside keep you from even trying…

You will never reach your dreams.

That's a fact.

Pursuing Your Dreams & Your Potential Leads to Fulfillment

Everyone has their own definition of what success is…

...and that’s cool, as long as you believe it in your heart.

I believe that success is this…

The constant pursuit of your potential.

When you’re chasing your dreams...

You’re also in pursuit of your potential, which is always growing.

As you develop yourself, and your life starts to change...

...you’ll start to realize that true happiness and success is attainable through your daily actions and the pursuit of your potential.

Before you start working toward your biggest goals and dreams, you need to understand this...

Your Goals And Dreams Will Constantly Evolve

As you get closer to your goals and develop yourself more and more personally…

Your goals and dreams will change as well.

That's because you'll gain self-belief, and realize that you can be thinking much bigger.

You have to think as big as possible.

The bigger you think, the more you shall receive…

...assuming you’re putting in the work required to reach your goals.

Just keep in mind that your dreams can change and evolve as your experience grows, and your skillset expands.

Make Sure Your Goals And Dreams Are Clearly Defined

Goals that are unclear are impossible to measure…

That’s why you have to be very clear with your goals.

If you can’t measure them, you’ll never know if you’re making progress.

On top of that, you have to communicate exactly what you want to the universe.

Most people never get what they want in life because they never decide what they truly want.

You have to make the decision, and be very clear about it…

Then, start working toward your vision.

Make A List of 5 Critical Tasks

When you have big goals and dreams, the best way you can achieve them is through your daily actions.

A method I’ve used for over 20 years to tackle my goals on a daily basis is a tool that I call The Power List.

Break your goals down into 5 critical tasks you need to execute that day in order to reach your goals and win the day.

If you focus on accomplishing 5 critical tasks every single day…

You will progress toward your goals and dreams at a significantly faster pace than you would otherwise...

...and develop the habit of winning along with confidence and several other skills.

I did an entire podcast explaining how to use The Power List in detail.  You can listen to it here.

Chase Your Dreams

Life is short.

Time is going to pass you by a lot faster than you think.

That’s why you should pursue your goals and dreams.

Are you really willing to settle for a life that’s much less than what it could be?

That should be enough of a reason to get started right now.

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