June 05, 2022 3 min read

Self-belief isn't just an extremely crucial component to success...

It's a requirement for success.

Because if you don't believe in yourself...

Nobody else is going to either.

Without self-belief...

You have no shot at reaching your goals and dreams in life...

None at all.

So do you believe in yourself?

Deep down, you know the truth.

If you don't believe in yourself...

I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do to start building your self-belief, and why it's a powerful tool you can use to build a great life for yourself.

Why You Need to Believe In Yourself

Thoughts become things.

What you think about regularly will become your reality.

This is the Law of Attraction...

It's a scientific law like gravity.

If you don't believe that you can do something, you will lock yourself within the box of that limiting belief.

Losers have this same doubt.

They doubt their ability to get through the tough times...

They doubt their ability to become the person they truly want to be...

They doubt their ability to build a great life...

...and because they have no conviction...

Their goals and aspirations will always just be dreams.

That's why it's so important that you have self-belief.

Otherwise, you will never experience true long-term success.

How to Build Your Self-Belief

There is only one way to build your self-belief, and that's through doing the work.

It's by taking action ... that you will discover your potential and start building confidence, fortitude, grit, self-belief, and self-worth.

Until you can prove to yourself that you can take care of what needs to get done...

You will always have some doubt in the back of your mind.

After all, the work always comes before the belief.

So what is a practical way you can start taking action and building momentum to form self-belief?

Here's what I do...

Implement The Power List

For the past 20+ years, I’ve used one tool every single day that I call the Power List.

It’s a very simple and effective tool that you can use immediately to start building your self-belief.

Start by identifying your goals and breaking them down into daily critical tasks that you can complete to get one step closer to achieving your goals.

Create a list of 5 critical tasks that you must complete every single day.

If you complete all 5 tasks…

Congratulations, you won the day.

If you fall short on ANY of your 5 tasks…

You lose the day.

Your goals should be to win as many days as possible.

When you string enough wins in a row, you start forming new healthy habits out of your critical tasks.

That means you'll gain some momentum…

…and you’ll start building belief in your ability to reach your goals.

This is the single greatest thing you can do to cultivate self-belief, but also to be successful in life.

Do 75 HARD

If you’re still not quite sure where to start when it comes to building your self-belief…

You should do 75 HARD.

75 HARD is a transformative mental toughness program that is designed to help you build skills such as your self-belief, confidence, self-worth, grit, fortitude, and discipline.

The program is 100% free…

...but it isn’t easy.

It’s a 75 day program in which you are required to complete 5 specific tasks that will completely change your life.

When you start building momentum with 75 HARD…

You’ll start believing in your ability to do anything and everything.

It is a very powerful feeling.

You Need to Believe In Yourself

If you want to be successful…

You need to have self-belief.

It doesn’t matter if your parents believe in you…

It doesn’t matter if your friends believe in you…

It doesn’t matter if your co-workers believe in you…

All that matters is that you believe in yourself.

Otherwise you will never be able to accomplish your goals in life.

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