December 13, 2022 2 min read

I want you to take a moment to think about your biggest fears in life.

What are they?



Public speaking?

Asking your boss for a raise?

Once you’ve identified some of your biggest fears … I want you to consider this…

Why are you scared of them?

Is it because these things are actually scary?

Sometimes, yes.

Most of the time though, it has nothing to do with fear.

After all, fear is just an emotion.

…and it’s an emotion that comes from lack of experience and uncertainty.

An illusion.

Nothing more.

When you train yourself to face your fears, you’ll learn that overcoming fear isn’t only possible…

But it’s a requirement if you want to be successful long-term.

Where Does Fear Come From?

The first thing you need to understand about fear is this…

It’s an emotion.

It comes and goes, and doesn’t last forever.

Like I said, fear actually comes from a lack of experience.

The more exposure you get to the things that scare you … the less fear will be present.

Why? Because we fear the unknown.

The things that scare us most also tend to be things we have very little experience with.

Do you think somebody who is scared to fly has the same level of fear after they take a flight and land completely safe and sound?

No. Their experience wards off the fear.

When I first got started in business back in 1999, I was terrified.

Over 20 years of experience in business later…

There isn’t a single thing I fear in business.

…and that’s exactly what it takes to overcome fear.

Overcoming Fear: Take Action

I know I said that experience fights fear, and it does…

But what’s arguably more important than experience is action.

You have to first take action in spite of fear to gain the experience you need to eliminate fear.

Inaction breeds doubt.

Doubt breeds fear.

Fear breeds inaction.

The only way you can truly overcome fear and break this cycle is by taking action no matter how difficult it may be.

If you’re scared of running a marathon…

Start training, and run a marathon.

If you’re scared of asking your boss for a raise…

Ask your boss for a raise.

If you’re scared of having a difficult conversation with your partner, family member, or co-worker…

Have the difficult conversation.

You can’t expect to eliminate fear if you do nothing to fight it.

Act In Spite of Fear

Now, can you realistically eliminate fear completely?


Fear will always be present.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give it any power.

The most important thing you need to take away is that a huge part of overcoming your fears is by taking action in spite of fear.

If you can just do that…

You’ll quickly begin to realize that the things you’re scared of really aren’t that scary after all.

If you’re looking to become truly excellent and successful in life…

Tune into my podcast, REAL AF.

In the show, I cover strategies and tactics to help you become successful in life and reach your own true potential.

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