Do You Believe Your Own Dreams Are Possible?

February 29, 2020 2 min read



Where do you think your standards for your life are generally formed?






Are these people where you want to be?

Why do you accept these standards as what YOU are TRULY capable of?

How big can you dream and still believe in your heart it's possible?

Asking those questions and realizing the answers reveal the only limits there are in this world....

...and yes those walls that contain and cage your true potential are formed by your environment, upbringing, and ultimately determined by your belief...but that doesn't mean those walls cant be smashed to fucking dust and your belief can't be changed.

It's crucial to actively surround yourself with people who are on the level you want to be.

If not in books, on social media...anyway possible.

Our first day in business 21 years ago, we sold $7, and I was broke as fuck sleeping in the back of our first retail store.

Everyone laughed at us.

Now our companies collectively do in the 9 figures in revenue annually.

Think about that for a minute.

No outside financing.

No family money.

No banks.

No celebrity endorsements.

Just dreams.

An unrelenting desire to win.

A willingness to do whatever work it takes to make it become reality.

And a shitload of motherfuckers telling us we "couldn’t" along the way.

Astronomical dreams come with astronomical criticism & doubt.

There is nothing special about me....except where I choose to set my limits...and who I choose to surround myself with.

There is NO reason you can't do the same.

Ask yourself:

1. Are you setting your limits based on what others think you're capable of?

2. Are you setting your limits on what you think you are capable of?

3. Are you setting limits at all?

Rule 1: Just because others don't believe in your dream doesn't make it impossible.

You are the only one who can make it impossible.

Let go of the idea that others can stop you.

Let go of the idea that there are limits.

Let go of the idea of impossible.

Free your mind to dream fucking huge.

Free your heart to believe it.

Then and only then...are you free to fulfill your true potential.


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