August 17, 2021 5 min read

I get this question all of the time...

"What does it mean to be a high achiever?"

Being a high achiever just means that you execute at a high level consistently, and are constantly in pursuit of excellence.

These types of people provide a ton of value in the world, and in their organization.

They demand excellence from their peers, and make a huge impact on the lives of others.

They have enormous goals, and will never stop or slow down their pursuit of them.

High achievers make the world a better place.

Can you honestly say that you're a high achiever?

Most people like to think they are...

But in reality, they just like the idea of calling themselves a high achiever...

...but they never actually take action and do anything to make it happen.

If you're wondering what it takes to be a high achiever, and how you can become a high achiever...

Here are 7 things that all high achievers have in common.

1. They Value Their Time

One of the most obvious things that all high-achievers have in common are their time-management skills.

Instead of being slaves to time, they have learned how to make time work for them.

...and they do this in a few different ways...

For one, they value efficiency. You will rarely find high achievers wasting their time and energy on things that will not help them reach their goals.

On top of that, they stay focused on one single task at a time. They give their full focus and attention to what is immediately in front of them, which boosts their productivity.

This also helps make sure that they produce high quality, error-free results.

High achievers think about time and "balance" completely differently than everyone else.

Instead of looking for daily, weekly, or monthly balance...

They are willing to invest years of their dedicated efforts to unlocking more freedom in their future.

2. They Are Humble

If you are going to develop yourself personally and professionally, you have to understand that you can always improve.

It doesn't matter how good you get, or how good you think you are...

If you are overconfident or have any degree of arrogance when it comes to your skills and knowledge…

You’ll cripple your ability to improve and learn new things ... ultimately impacting your ability to progress in life.

That's because when you think you "know everything", you're shutting your brain off to potential avenues to improve...

Since you're convinced that you're already the best.

This is where humility comes into play.

High achievers have a tendency to be so humble that they undervalue their knowledge and ability.

With this understanding, high achievers are always getting better.

They’re also much more coachable people.  They will listen to the advice from their leaders and coaches.

They know they will always have more to learn.

3. They Are Focused On Personal Development

Whether it’s books, podcasts, courses, or any other informational content…

High achievers spend time every day working to learn something new and sharpen their skillset.

Even if they only learn one new thing or way of thinking from a book…

They know that it wasn't a waste of time.

Any and all knowledge is extremely valuable to them.

They know the minute they stop growing is the minute their goals and dreams start dying.

4. They Embrace Struggle

While most people will turn and run the other way in the face of adversity…

Or let their struggles consume them…

High achievers recognize struggle as an opportunity to grow and get better.

They embrace it…

They welcome it…

They learn to love it...

...and they understand that struggle is a privilege, because it’s going to help them learn and build the skills to survive storms of negativity and challenges in the future.

The grit and mental toughness they gain from tackling these things head-on are what helps them completely dominate in every environment ... regardless of the conditions.

5. They Have Massive Goals

When you think small, you get small…

That’s why high achievers think as big as possible.

Not only are they convinced that they can meet and surpass their biggest goals, but they are also constantly thinking bigger and bigger.

They set goals that most people would consider to be impossible.

That doesn’t mean that their expectations are unrealistic.

For high achievers, life is all about discovering your true potential...

So they can't set average goals...

Because they will never feel fulfilled.

6. They Pay Attention To The Small Details

You’ll never catch anybody who is truly successful say… “Oh that doesn’t matter.”

All high achievers know that every detail matters.

This applies to the tiniest details that most people would consider to be insignificant.

But how you do one thing is how you do everything...

That’s why you’ll never see high achievers miss one spec of dust…

Make simple spelling or grammatical errors…

Walk over one piece of trash…

Or leave behind one piss droplet on the toilet seat.

They’ve learned to take pride in the details.

It's a huge part of what separates them from everybody else.

7. They Have Critical Tasks

In one way or another, all high achievers have a list of critical tasks that they hold themselves accountable to ... making sure to complete them every single day.

These are tasks they know they have to complete if they are going to achieve their biggest goals in life.

Personally, I focus on 5 critical tasks a day…

I do this using the Power List … the ultimate productivity tool that I created, and have been using consistently for over 20 years.

I created it as a strategy to build the habit of winning every single day.

When you win enough days, you win the week.

When you win enough weeks, you win the month.

When you win enough months, you win the year.

When you win enough years, you win your life.

That’s why it is so important to have a list of critical tasks to complete every day…

They are the stepping stones you will use to get you closer to your goals every single day.

Are You a High Achiever?

Unless you can say yes with 100% certainty to everything above...

You’re cutting yourself short.

True high achievers are capable of anything, and aim for nothing short of excellence.

These are the people who drive nice cars…

These are the people who have great relationships…

These are the people who have a nice house…

These are the people who go on amazing vacations…

Don’t you want these things too?

If your answer is Yes, I would start by making sure you share the same values and work ethic of high achievers.

When you commit to excellence, and form the habits of a high achiever...

Your life will forever be better as a result.

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