July 16, 2021 3 min read

Life is a competition, whether you'd like to think it is or not.

We're all competing for our portion of success.

In fact, you've probably seen a lot of memes on the internet about how it's "you vs you"...

...and that nobody else matters.  You need to compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

While this is true, people are missing the point.

If you are truly competing against yourself to reach your own true potential, and pushing your own limits...

You are going to beat everybody else as a result.

What Does It Mean To Compete Against Yourself?

Competing against yourself is a simple concept once you grasp it...

You should be working to become better every single day...

Instead of comparing yourself to the standards and performance of others, you should be comparing yourself to your own standards and performance.

Take action and do something every day to improve your skill set.

Why You Shouldn't Compete Against Others

Don't get this confused...

You are in competition with others, and you should want to win ... but there are a few issues with comparing yourself against others...

1. They Could Have Lower Standards Than You

If you're trying to beat someone that you're already better than, you won't be pushing yourself to improve.

If you're constantly one-upping the people around you, but you're capable of more...

You aren't pursuing your own true potential.

You're handicapping yourself to only being slightly better than average.

2. Everybody Has Different Potential

I don't care how good you are at basketball...

If you're 5'0" tall, your chances of playing in the NBA are slim.

I'm not saying it can't happen ... but the odds are heavily against you.

No need for self-doubt, it’s alright.

You may have a better mind for starting and running a business than anybody who is playing in the NBA.

Your potential is different.

If you're comparing yourself to someone who has different potential than you...

It's not giving you a true sense of what you're actually capable of.

Why Should You Compete Against Yourself?

Quit trying to be like everyone else.

When you compete against yourself, you are constantly raising the bar.

You have no idea what you are capable of until you test your limits...


The main reason you should be competing against yourself is because each day, you will have to force yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

This is the true "you vs you" mentality.

As a result, the linear progress you'll realize over time from consistently performing at your best will completely dominate your competition's level of performance.

Most people don't care to improve themselves at all...

They only care about being better than the next guy.

The problem is, most of these people are performing well below their potential to begin with...

So really, even if they are "better" than the next guy, they're nowhere near performing at the level they SHOULD be performing at every day.

How To Measure Your Progress Against Yourself

There are a few ways you can measure the progress you’ve made when you’re in competition with yourself.

One of the best ways is by expressing gratitude every day.

When you’re so focused on achieving greatness, it’s very easy to get lost in the monotony of your daily tasks.

When you start taking some time every day to appreciate the great things you’ve manifested in your life…

You’ll start to see physical evidence of your progress.

On top of that, you should start seeing a ton of new habits that you’ve formed through your daily efforts.

One method I use to compete against myself every day is the ultimate productivity tool I call The Power List.

It’s a list of 5 critical tasks that you must complete in order to win the day.

If you focus on winning the day, and forming habits out of your critical tasks…

You can replace those tasks with new ones, since you’ve formed habits out of your previous tasks.

This is a great way to measure the progress you’re making on yourself, and your level of performance.

Compete Against Yourself

When you’re in competition with yourself…

It doesn’t mean you aren’t still in competition with others.

All it means is you’re using your current standards and performance as benchmarks to improve on every single day.

When you do this, and focus on fulfilling your own true potential…

You will stomp anybody else who stands in your way.

Start seeking approval from yourself.

When you look in the mirror and you’re proud of what you see…

That’s when you’ll know you’re going to war with yourself every day and winning.

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