November 01, 2018 2 min read


How do you respond to people who are leading or coaching you? The reality is, your response to guidance & instruction is what is going to determine whether you're an average person or an elite achiever. Average people want to tell the coach or leader HOW to lead them. They care about personality, approach, communication style, & all sorts of other things. But elite achievers only care about one thing. In this episode, I tell you what it is.


00:15 – Andy's introduction to today's show

01:30 – Why the fundamental principles of success will never change 

02:00 – How the Power List is the ultimate productivity tool 

02:55 – The one thing you should never say in an interview and what it means

04:15 – Why you need to be flexible with the coaching you receive 

05:00 – How the elite differ from the average in terms of receiving feedback and coaching

06:50 – Why the best performers are able to put their ego aside when being evaluated 

07:20 – How becoming a winner is an inherently painful process 

09:00 – Why this principle applies regardless of level, position, or income

09:30 – How to tell if people actually give a fuck about you  

10:10 – What ultimately leads to drastic change in your life

10:40 – Why being your best self is your RESPONSIBILITY

11:30 – Why you can't win if you're not coachable

12:00 – How you need to value the truth above all else 


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