May 29, 2021 5 min read

Now more than ever before ... confidence is on a rapid decline for a lot of people.

As more and more of our attention is gravitating toward social media...

We're constantly being bombarded with an unrealistic expectation of what our lives should look like.

On top of that, in today's society, it's popular to talk about "self-love" and to "accept yourself for who you are".

While these ideas are spread with good intentions...

They don't do anything to actually improve your confidence long-term.

This is because you can’t truly love yourself, or be confident in yourself, if you’ve done nothing to support either of those beliefs…

That’s just the truth...

Which is why this mindset is extremely toxic, and disguises what it truly takes to have a strong sense of self-confidence.

Despite anything you may have heard up to this point...

You need to understand that confidence is a skill, and building confidence is a process.

What is the Meaning of Confidence?

Confidence is a feeling of belief, and a firm trust in your ability to execute any task.

You can be confident in certain situations, and lack confidence in others.

If we're talking about confidence as a whole...

It really comes down to the belief in your overall ability to excel at anything you put your time and effort into.

How do you Overcome a Lack of Confidence?

Having low confidence can feel like you aren't capable of succeeding at anything...

Even if what you're trying to accomplish is something you are easily capable of doing.

Most people lack confidence because they've never truly stepped outside of their comfort zone to prove to themselves what they are really capable of.

In a way, it's also due to a lack of knowledge and experience.

The key to growing your confidence is by not letting fear get in the way of challenging yourself, and doing the things you truly want to do ... for YOU!

You have to keep the promises you make to yourself...

Regardless of what kind of fear is standing in the way of your forward progression.

The only way you'll overcome a lack of confidence is by attacking your insecurities and difficult situations head on.

What About Overconfidence?

Having too much confidence is a bad thing as well...

But "overconfidence" can actually best be described as cockiness.

In some situations, being a little "cocky" can be a great thing.

In other situations, dramatically overestimating your abilities can actually become your biggest downfall.

When you lack the humility to understand that you can always improve, and you are not as good as you think you are...

You quit putting in the hard work and necessary preparation to be someone who can execute any task ... big or small.

I'd even argue that you can build MORE confidence when you are aware of and accepting of your limitations, while recognizing your room for growth.

When you understand your shortcomings, flaws, and areas where you need to improve...

You are able to place an emphasis on developing these skills, and your progress in these areas will give you a great sense of confidence ... because you EARNED it.

How To Build Confidence

When it comes to building confidence...

It’s quite simple...

This is exactly how to build self-confidence, and continue building on it indefinitely:

1. Challenge yourself regularly

The number one way to build confidence is by challenging yourself.

This should come as no surprise to you.

Think about your biggest accomplishment in life...

I guarantee you that whatever comes to mind is your greatest accomplishment, because it took a significant amount of effort to achieve.

It could be a career advancement...

A tremendous physical feat ... like completing an ironman, or losing a ton of weight...

It could even be winning a competition or sporting event.

Whatever it may be...

All of these things take a great deal of time and effort to achieve.

That's because when you take on a new or challenging task, and see it through to the end...

You are building confidence.

Just remember...

If you cut yourself short ... if you quit ... or if you accept failure...

Your lack of success will actually have a negative impact on your overall confidence and self-belief.

Therefore, it's important to see any new challenge through to the end ... to make sure you're building your confidence, instead of tearing it down.

2. Live your life with authenticity

Another great way to increase your confidence is by being your authentic self.

I see it all the time ... people hop on social media and adopt a persona that isn't who they are in real life.

They seek social acceptance...

They want to be popular...

There's nothing wrong with either of these things...

But when you're changing who you are in an attempt to fit in, you will never have confidence.

I promise you that pretending to be something you're not is debilitating for your confidence, and not nearly as fun or enjoyable as being who you really are.

Being authentic will help you feel very emotionally free and fulfilled.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other people

Everybody is different when it comes to the things they prioritize, the skills they've built, and the potential they have...

Most people get caught in the trap of comparing themselves to others, which drains their energy and confidence.

You have to make sure you are not one of these people.

Instead, start comparing yourself to who you were yesterday.

Becoming the best version of yourself should be your goal, not becoming better than the person next to you or the person you envy on Instagram.

Remember ... you never know the reality of anyone's life on Instagram, so you could be comparing yourself to something that isn't even real.

Also, if you truly become the best version of yourself ... you will be surprised at how far you can go, and what you're capable of.

Your potential is so much greater than you could ever imagine...

That's why it's up to you to pursue your potential.

Getting better every day and seeing measurable progress is a great way to boost your confidence.

Another great way to build your confidence...

If you're unsure where to get started when it comes to building your confidence, you should commit to completing 75 HARD.

75 HARD is a transformative mental toughness program that will teach you how to build confidence and other skills, like mental toughness, self-belief, grit, mental fortitude, and self-esteem.

Over 100,000 people have taken complete control of their lives through the program and have built confidence in their ability to accomplish anything.

You can do the same...

All it takes is a 100% commitment to yourself for the next 75 days.

The Benefits of Confidence

Having confidence is something that comes with a ton of benefits.

With confidence, all parts of your life, from work, to home and friendships, can improve exponentially.

Better confidence can encourage you to tackle new and exciting ventures that can change the direction of your life.

More confidence also means you’ll be less likely to waste time and energy worrying about not being good enough or obsessing about how you compare to others.

Higher confidence allows you to form better relationships, as you will be more likely to set healthy boundaries and enforce them.

A strong understanding of self can also help you better understand and appreciate others, as well as the healthy relationships they bring to your life.

Take these tips to heart, and I guarantee your confidence will skyrocket.

If you’re still looking for more information on how to build your confidence…

You can learn how to double your confidence with this podcast.

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