January 25, 2021 8 min read

Why is it that so many people never succeed, while others completely dominate and build the life they've always dreamed of?

Most people will try to convince you that some people are just more lucky than others…

But anyone who has ever done anything impactful with their lives will say that’s BS.

Luck has nothing to do with it...

The process of becoming successful is extremely difficult.

The truth is … there is one skill that separates those who succeed from those who don’t.

It’s called mental fortitude.

What Is Mental Fortitude?

Mental fortitude is all about executing under pressure.

It doesn’t matter what you have to do...

There will always be times when doing the things you need to do is not convenient.

...and more difficult than they normally are.

It may be the absolute last thing you want to do…

Regardless of the conditions … you need to take care of what needs to get done.

Your ability to execute during the hard times will determine whether you’ll create the life you’ve always wanted…

Or end up settling for a mediocre life.

Some people will actually let external conditions dictate their entire existence.

They wander aimlessly through life…

Making excuses…

...and spinning their wheels forever.

Then, there are other people who choose to live life on their own terms, instead of on life’s terms.

These people are in control.

They call the shots.

They carry through with their actions and stick to their word regardless of the conditions.

Imagine if you were someone who:

Still went for that 5-mile run even though it was raining...

Wrote all of your emails for the day ... even though another project took an extra 2 hours you weren't planning on...

Stuck to your diet even at your favorite restaurant...

This is mental fortitude.

What kind of person would you be if you developed this skill?

What would your life look like?

Why Is It Important To Have Mental Fortitude?

Having mental fortitude isn’t only important…

It’s required.

If you’re looking to build the life you’ve always dreamed of…

You must have mental fortitude.

Your life will change in ways you’d never imagine.


The first way mental fortitude can make a huge impact is in your professional life.

If you’re a mentally tough individual…

You’ll be willing to work harder…

Sacrifice more...

And develop yourself into a person of character and excellence.

Whether you're an employee or entrepreneur … you will stand out.

You will be conditioned to going above and beyond the workload that is “required” of you…

While also having higher standards than your competition...

Making you even more valuable.


Most people don’t know what it takes to earn real confidence.

Here’s the truth...

Mental fortitude and confidence go hand-in-hand…

Because confidence is built by staying true to the words you tell yourself.

So, if you’re someone that has mental fortitude…

You can consistently keep those promises…

And prove to yourself through your actions that you’re capable of success.

You’ll develop confidence that is radiant and authentic.


If you’re someone with highly ambitious goals, and a fully-booked schedule every day...

Mental fortitude is essential.

It gives you the discipline to avoid procrastination and stay focused on the task at hand.

You’ll also waste less time on things that don’t have a significant meaning to you.

You can get a lot more done in one day than you think...

It doesn’t matter how much is on your plate.

We’re all given the same 24 hours…

But having mental fortitude will make you more effective in those 24 hours.


When your discipline, confidence, and the overall quality of your character is high...

You won’t tolerate distractions.

The people around you may begin to seem more annoying as you grow and develop.

You will also begin to grow apart from them…

Not because you did anything wrong...

It’s because you’re becoming a high-performing person who attracts high-performing people.

These new people in your life will truly care about you and your growth…

And more importantly, push you to get better.

These are the relationships that you’ve probably been looking for all along...

Connections that are stronger, and help accelerate you further toward your goals…

These are the most fulfilling relationships you can build.


One other thing that mental fortitude will help shape within you ... is self-awareness.

As your standards increase, and you demand more of yourself…

You’ll establish a higher standard for how you should operate on a daily basis.

As soon as that standard begins to slip, you’ll recognize it…

Take a step back…

And have an honest conversation on how you can get back on track.

This will help you perform in all areas of your life…

And begin raising your personal standards even higher.

How Can You Develop Mental Fortitude?

Developing mental fortitude is no easy task.

You have to get uncomfortable.

Challenging yourself is the only way you’ll ever be able to grow.

...and developing mental fortitude is a challenging, yet essential, journey you must take to get wherever it is you're trying to go in life.

Developing mental fortitude will require every last ounce of your dedication and resilience.

The reward for you will be the skills of unwavering determination and the ability to weather life's storms regardless of how bad they get.

Here are 6 things you can start doing today to build the skill of mental fortitude and completely transform your life...

1. Quit Making Excuses

Mental fortitude is the ability to keep the promises you make to yourself and execute on the things you know you need to do regardless of how you feel.

That also means regardless of the external conditions...

...and regardless of the excuses you make.

So quit making excuses.

When you are hyper-intentional about dismissing the excuses that come to your mind...

...and you train yourself to execute in spite of your excuses...

You are developing mental fortitude in a very real and tangible way.

Over time, you won't have nearly as many excuses.

When you do, you'll be a master at dismantling them before they have any leverage over your actions and execution.

Put this into practice immediately.

It's a great way to start building the mental fortitude you need to become unstoppable.

2. Execute on the Small Details

All of the details that you skip over because you think they are insignificant...

Are all opportunities to help you develop mental fortitude.

Most people get confused when I say this, so let me explain.

When you can train yourself to take care of the small details even when you think they are unimportant...

When you don't think they are your responsibility...

...Or when you'd rather do anything else...

You are investing in the skill of mental fortitude by disciplining yourself to executing on the small details.

These are small details like the piece of trash on the ground.

The shopping cart in the parking lot.

The piss droplets on the toilet seat.

The smudge on the mirror.

If you develop the habit of taking care of these small details every single time you see them...

Do you think you're ever going to compromise when it comes to the bigger tasks you have to accomplish?

Of course not.

Executing on these small details will build your mental fortitude.

Never overlook them.

3. Develop a Routine to Build Mental Fortitude

Another great way to build mental fortitude is by developing and adhering to a routine.

The keyword here is adhering.

Not every day is going to be easy.

The days that aren't easy are the days that you will forge the skill of mental fortitude.

If you haven't already, I would take some time to consider what your goals are in life.

When you have a crystal clear vision of where you want to go...

Then take the time to reverse engineer your goals into 5 actionable steps you can take every single day to accomplish your goals over time...

You have a routine. I call it The Power List.

Commit yourself to it and do not compromise.

You can make a significant amount of progress in building your mental fortitude and reaching your goals in doing so.

4. Have The Difficult Conversations With Yourself

Very few people are able to look themselves in the mirror and have a real conversation about their shortcomings.

A lot of this has to do with ego.

A lot of this has to do with the unwillingness to get uncomfortable.

But if you're serious about building mental fortitude and becoming truly great...

The difficult conversations with yourself are ones you should have regularly.

By conquering your ego and learning to tell yourself the truth...

You are developing mental fortitude.

The second, and arguably more important component to this, is going out and putting in the work to improve in the areas you're falling short.

Lying to yourself about where you stand will prevent you from going out and becoming who it is you're meant to become.

Remember that.

Start having these difficult conversations to build your mental fortitude.

It will change your life.

5. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

One of the most effective ways to build mental fortitude is by continually pushing yourself and remaining in a constant state of discomfort.

If complacency kills...

...and comfort is complacency...

Than being comfortable kills too.

Of the things that comfort kills, mental fortitude is one of them.

You must understand that mental fortitude is a perishable skill.

If you aren't constantly training it by challenging yourself...

This skill will diminish over time.

Build your mental fortitude by consistently pushing yourself.

Push yourself in your fitness.

Push yourself in your career.

Push yourself in your relationships.

Stay uncomfortable, and mental fortitude will be just one of the skills you'll develop as a result.

6. Keep The Promises You Make to Yourself and Never Compromise

Like I said...

Mental fortitude is the ability to keep the promises you make to yourself and execute on the things you know you need to do regardless of how you feel.

If you want to build mental fortitude...

Don't break your promises.

No matter how hard it can be at times...

Through keeping the promises you make to yourself...

You are building the mental fortitude necessary to tackle even greater challenges in the future.

Life is a continuous string of challenges until the day you die.

If you want to win, and you want to build mental fortitude, you must overcome them.

I didn't make the rules...

But I promise you, these are the rules.

Do not compromise.

Keep your promises.

It's an essential element to building mental fortitude and creating massive wins in life.

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What Else Do I Need to Know About Mental Fortitude?

Now that you know how to build mental fortitude…

...and how it will help you succeed in your life…

There are a couple more things you must keep in mind.

1. Mental Fortitude is a Perishable Skill

Yes, mental fortitude is a perishable skill. That means, if you don’t practice it…

It can, and will, go away.

So don’t let complacency creep in.

Stay uncomfortable.

Find the next struggle.

Keep demanding greatness of yourself.

Keep the promises you make to yourself.

This will help you continue to build upon your foundation of mental fortitude.

2. Remove Quitting From The Table

When it comes to your goals and building mental fortitude, you need to adopt a zero options mentality.

This means you have literally no other option but to see your goals through to the end.

There is no plan B.

There is no quitting.

Neither are options, and should never be considered for a second.

When challenges come up, which they will, remember to view them as opportunities to build your mental fortitude.

True mental fortitude is an unwavering commitment to your goals and an inability to quit.

So remove quitting from the table completely.

Read My Book on Mental Fortitude

If you're ready to develop mental fortitude, and take your life to the next level ... read The Book On Mental Toughness. It's my no-BS guide to becoming mentally unstoppable so you can win in any and every arena of life.

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