September 06, 2023 5 min read

The hard times in life are like storms.

Eventually, the sun will come out again.

It’s not a matter of if the sun comes out again…

It’s a matter of when.

Even though it can be nearly impossible to see it in your most difficult moments…

Good times will come.

But you have to put your effort, focus, and action into the right things to start materializing better times and weather the storms in your life.

How To Get Through the Hard Times

Getting through the hard times in life requires effort and action.

Rarely will your efforts or actions result in an immediate return.

You can’t expect to feel better instantly or for your problems to magically dissipate.

It won’t happen.

You have to keep moving and stay urgent and aggressive to create good times again.

But before you take action…

You need to start by adjusting your mindset surrounding the hard times in your life.

Doing so can help you feel better about your situation and make room for you to create change.

Understand That The Hard Times Are There to Help You Grow

Sometimes we create hard times…

Sometimes others create hard times…

Sometimes the hard times are completely out of our control…

It doesn’t matter.

Pointing blame or deflecting responsibility for why things are the way they are is pointless and can’t help you.

What can help you is thinking about the hard times in life differently.

Most people think the hard times are only negative…

…But the reality is, the hard times are also something to be grateful for.

Chances are … your version and my version of “hard times” are actually not as bad as they may seem.

If you’re reading this…

Chances are you still have food…

You still have clean water…

You still have a roof over your head…

You still have the bare necessities that a lot of people don’t have.

Always keep in mind that things could be much worse for you.

But also recognize that the hard times in life are opportunities to improve yourself.

They help mold you and prepare you for much more difficult battles down the road.

The hard times are responsible for forging you into the person you need to become to build the life you ultimately want for yourself and the people around you.

The phrase “no pain, no gain” exists for a very specific reason…

Without struggle and hardship…

You cannot build the mental toughness and resilience you need to endure the challenges and roadblocks along the path to becoming truly great.

Start viewing the hard times through this lens … and they will be easier for you to endure.


Understand That The Hard Times Are Temporary

Nothing is forever.

…and that is certainly the truth when it comes to the hard times in your life.

Things aren’t always going to be as bad as they are right now.

While they may last longer than you’d like…

While they may get worse…

While they may feel permanent…

Things will get better.

But you also have to be urgent and aggressive in your daily actions to make them better.

Focus on these 3 things … and the hard times will pass.

1. Focus on What You Can Control

A lot of times…

The things that create the hard times in life are out of our control.

A tornado that tears down your home is out of your control.

A downward shift in the economy is out of your control.

A car accident that totals your vehicle is out of your control.

…and the longer you focus on the elements that are outside of your control…

The more stress and chaos you will feel.

Start focusing on the things you can control.

You can control the food you eat…

You can control the workouts you do…

You can control the information you put in your brain…

You can control the attitude you show up with…

You can control the effort you put into the task in front of you…

You are in control of a lot more than you may realize.

The sooner you exercise that control, and place your focus on those areas…

…and the sooner you quit obsessing over the things that are outside of your control…

The better you will feel.

Don’t make your situation worse by neglecting the things in your control.

Exercise control … and things will get better.

2. Double Down In The Hard Times

Every single one of us goes through hard times in life.

Even though social media has created an illusion that everyone is doing great all the time…

It’s not reality.

Every single person you look up to who’s done anything significant in life has fought battles you know nothing about.

The biggest difference between the people who win big in life and the people who lose all comes down to their execution in these times.

Everyone can execute when they feel like it…

Very few people can execute when they don’t feel like it.

So … what if you become someone who can execute no matter how you feel or what’s going on in your life?

You can.

Here’s how:

When times get tough…

Double down on your execution.

It’s become popular to talk about giving yourself grace, taking it easy, and “self-care”…

…and while I’m not saying you should beat yourself up…

What I am saying is that you should use these times as a signal to go a little harder…

Not to back down.

What would your life look like if you could become the kind of person who not only executes when times get hard…

But goes above and beyond during these times to make significant progress?

How much easier would the good times be?

How much better would the good times be?

If you can do this during the hard times…

What can stop you from making your biggest goals and dreams a reality?

Nothing can.

3. Don’t Quit

No matter how hard things get…

No matter how much you’re struggling…

No matter how much you want to quit…

Don’t do it.


If you quit … while things may get easier NOW…

Things will get much more difficult LATER.

You will never respect yourself or your decision to quit.

Imagine your last thoughts and reflections on life being, “What if I didn’t quit?”

I don’t want that kind of regret.

Do you?

Other Tips to Push Through The Hard Times

When you adjust your perspective and start taking action…

Better times will come.

Believe that.

If you’re looking for a way to start building yourself into someone who can push through the hard times and come out on top…

Start 75 HARD.

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It’s about becoming the best possible version of yourself.

It’s about mental toughness.

Mental toughness that will help you push through the hard times and build the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Get started with 75 HARD now.

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