May 12, 2022 3 min read

There are a lot of people who work hard in society...

But only a small percentage of the population is made up of people who not only win consistently...

But completely dominate everybody else.

Why is that?

Here's why...

There is one big factor that separates the people who get by from the people who win big...

...and it's self-development.

Winners Focus On Self-Development

It's not only about what you're doing while you're "on the job"...

That's what losers think.

Champions create distance outside the hours of 9-5 through self-development.

This is what makes them champions.

They have the self-awareness to recognize that the work they need to do on themselves is never done.

If you want to be somebody who seems to win at literally everything you do...

You have to prioritize your self-development.

What Is Self-Development?

Self-development is everything you do to improve your skill set.

While a lot of you may be nodding your heads "yes, I get it"...

Do you truly know everything you can be doing to develop yourself on a daily basis?

Are you doing everything you can to develop yourself on a daily basis?

Are you learning new things every single day?

Are you providing more and more value every day?

Are you fine-tuning and learning new skills?

It's likely you can't answer yes to all these questions.

If you're not sure where to start...

Here are the top 4 things I recommend doing to prioritize your self-development.

1. Read

One of the absolute best ways to develop yourself personally and expand your perspective is through reading.

But let me make one thing very clear...

When I say reading, I'm not talking about Harry Potter.

Really, I'm not talking about any fiction books.

I'm talking about non-fiction, self-development-focused books.

Books that will give you perspective…

Books that give you a look into other people's experiences in life...

Aside from personal experience, there is nothing more valuable for your self-development than reading.

I haven’t read a single book that I considered to be a waste of time.

The best part is, I’m not asking you to read a book cover to cover every day.

Nobody that's trying to do anything great has time for that…

Something I personally do, which will help you as well, is to prioritize reading 10 pages every single day.

That’s all it takes.

Before you know it, you’ll be on to the next book.

2. Challenge Yourself

This may be obvious to you…

But when you challenge and demand more of yourself…

You become better.

It could be increasing your workout intensity…

Working longer hours…

Spending more time mastering your craft…

Trying something that is mentally or physically challenging…

The possibilities are endless.

Getting uncomfortable is a great way to develop yourself personally.

There is no excuse to not push past your perceived limits and form new ones.

3. Listen To Podcasts

Another great resource you can utilize for self-development is podcasts.

They are an excellent way to learn while you’re driving…


Or even just in the middle of mindless tasks like yard work or laundry.

It doesn't matter when you listen to podcasts...

What matters is the content of the podcasts you choose to listen to.

Make sure the shows you decide to listen to are actually providing valuable information.

Don’t waste your time listening to brain-dead talk shows or the newest murder mystery…


This is about you improving your skill set.

Looking for a great show to start with?

I happen to host a podcast called REAL AF with Andy Frisella.

4. Practice Discipline

When you focus on improving your discipline…

Everything around you will improve as a result.

Discipline is a skill that will take you very far ... as long as you are constantly exercising it.

If you’re following a diet…

Stick to it.

If your goal is to respond to 50 emails a day...

Respond to 50 emails.

If your goal is to read 10 pages a day…

Read 10 pages.

It is that simple…

But most people don’t have the discipline to see things through 100% of the time.

Shouldn't that be the goal?

It should.

A good place to start practicing discipline is by taking on 75 HARD.

75 HARD is a transformative mental toughness program built around forging your discipline…






…and so many other valuable skills.

Focus On Your Self-Development

If you really want the things you say you want in life…

You have to focus on your self-development.

It would be naive and foolish to think that you can win in life without being the best version of yourself possible.

Self-development widens the gap between you and everybody else.

So take your self-development seriously.

Start pursuing your potential.

The life of your dreams is counting on it.

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