April 20, 2021 4 min read

Average goals are for average people.

If your goals don't demand that you raise your standards, they aren't big enough.

By setting goals that are too small, you won't come anywhere close to achieving the success you're looking for in your life.

So, how do you set effective long-term goals?

How do you know that your goals are big enough?


Long-term goals are anything you want in your life that will take a significant amount of time and effort.

They can be personal accomplishments…

Career advancements...

Material things…


...and anything else you can think of, that you'd like to achieve.

Some examples could be building a 9-figure business from the ground up…

Buying a multi-million dollar home…

Or raising 2 incredible kids to be incredible adults.

These goals shouldn’t be something you can accomplish within the next 5 months ... or even 5 years.

Those are short-term goals.

Long-Term Goals should be things that will likely take many years, likely even decades to achieve.

What most people don’t realize about your long-term goals is this...

As you start to see some success…

Achieve some of your short-term goals…

...and get further along in your journey...

Your long-term goals will constantly be evolving and expanding.


When it comes to determining your long-term goals...

Most people will tell you to "make sure you set goals that are attainable".

That's bullshit.

Because when you set goals that are "attainable" ... they require small actions, and don't demand you to grow.

You will always play to the level of the goals you set…

So … how big are your goals?

Why not set ENORMOUS goals?

I challenge you to think about what you really want more than anything.

What does your ideal life look like?

Once you decide what you want...

Throw those goals in the trash, and multiply them by 10.

By setting goals that seem impossible to achieve, it requires you to raise your standards.

You have to take massive action to achieve massive goals.

If your goals truly are big enough… and you fall short…

You’re still going to be much further ahead in life than if you were to set small and “attainable” goals.

People need to think about goals differently.

You are going to achieve far more because you know you have to act when your goals are extreme...

...Instead of playing to the level of the goals you set, and falling well short of achieving any of the things you want in life.


You need to understand one more thing when you’re setting your long-term goals…

Your goals need to be as specific and as detailed as possible.

The more clearly you define your goals ... the easier they are to measure.

You can only control things you can measure.

How will you know you are making progress toward a goal if there is nothing to indicate progress?

You can’t.

That’s why vague goals are for weak-minded people.

A goal like “get better” can be very loosely interpreted.

They say … “well, I didn’t go anywhere in my career ... but I’ve been writing more emails, so I must have accomplished my goals of getting better.”

This is their cop out…

It's how they let themselves off the hook.

These people like to pretend like they are “ambitious” without having to put any thought or effort into making their goals a reality.

So, when you go to map out your long-term goals…

Imagine these goals as vividly, and in as much detail as possible.

This will allow you to truly materialize what it is you’re looking for.


When you map out these new, significantly bigger, and more detailed goals...

They are supposed to seem unrealistic...

It should feel like you have a huge amount of work to do, and not enough time to do it.

In fact, you'll know your goals are big enough when people start laughing at them.

Because these goals are so big ... you have to move forward with precision, action, and dedication.

What most people don't realize ... is that you have to map out the journey to these massive goals by reverse engineering them...

All the way to the daily actions that are required to get you to your end goals.

If you fail to focus on the daily actions and process, nothing is going to happen.


You have to look at your long-term goals as a commitment.

They are going to take a tremendous amount of work and time to achieve.

Avoid looking for the "smoothest ride", and eliminate all excuses.

Don’t let anything get in your way.

99% of your obstacles are harvested in your brain ... so you have to train your brain to think differently.

The most successful people on earth know how to do this...

They take negativity that comes their way ... and push it into productive action.

You can too…

It will just take a lot of practice…

...and going to war with yourself every day.

So let's recap...

Remember to make sure your goals are enormous…

So big that other people laugh at you and think you’re crazy.

Your long-term goals should also be crystal clear.

The more detailed they are, the more measurable they are…

Which will give you a great idea whether you’re making progress or not…

...and also what adjustments you need to make to stay on track.

Once your long-term goals are established…

Make sure you are planning out how you are going to accomplish them.

Reverse engineer them into smaller and smaller steps until you have a good idea of what you can do every day to get closer to your goals.

Now take action…

Your long-term goals will not just materialize…

You’ve got a long journey ahead.

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