January 01, 2023 4 min read

Discipline and mental toughness are two of the most important skills you need to become successful in business and life.

They aren't optional.

Ask any highly successful person that you know, and they will agree.

But, what does it take to build the mental toughness and discipline you need to win?

For most people, this isn't obvious.

For a long time, it wasn't for me either.

Then one day, it finally clicked.

Discipline and mental toughness are built through doing hard things, keeping the promises you make to yourself, and proving to yourself what you're truly capable of achieving.

It was through this realization and my years of studying mental toughness that 75 HARD, Phase 1, and the entire LIVEHARD program came to fruition.

Today, I want to talk about Phase 1, the second portion of the LIVEHARD program, and how it can help you further develop your mental toughness and discipline.

If you're not familiar with 75 HARD, or the LIVEHARD program as a whole, I suggest you start by reading up on them here.

If you already know about these programs, then let's dive right into Phase 1...

What is Phase 1 and How Can it Help?

Like I said, Phase 1 is the 2nd portion of the LIVEHARD program, and should be started after you complete 75 HARD.

Phase 1 is a 30 day program which consists of a list of tasks you must complete for all 30 days with 0 compromise and 0 substitutions.

If you've already completed 75 HARD, you'll recognize quite a few of the tasks.

But, there are some extra tasks that are added on to challenge your mental toughness and discipline even more with Phase 1.

It's through these tasks in which you'll be able to further develop these skills.

Along with that, you'll also begin to build skills such as...

• Confidence
• Self-Esteem
• Self-Worth
• Self-Belief
• Fortitude
• Grit

This is because through challenging yourself and continually developing yourself, you'll begin to really respect and love the person who looks back at you in the mirror.

What Are the Phase 1 Tasks?

Similar to 75 HARD, there are 5 main tasks you must complete every single day...

- Drink a Gallon of Water

- Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction, Self-Development Focused Book (No Audiobooks)

- Complete 2, 45 Minute Workouts (One Must Be Outdoors)

- Follow a Diet (No Alcohol or Cheat Meals)

- Take a Progress Picture

On top of these tasks, you'll also have these 3 additional tasks...

1. Take a 5 Minute Cold Shower

Cold showers are hard.

They're uncomfortable.

That's the point.

This is an exercise for your mental toughness.

Turn the shower handle to the coldest setting possible, immerse your body in the water, and start the timer.

After a few short days, you'll already start to notice the mental and physical benefits that these cold showers have to offer.

Above all, it will help you power through any situation, regardless of how uncomfortable it is.

2. 3 Extra Critical Power List Tasks

Critical power list tasks are tasks that you must complete every day to help you make progress toward your goals.

These aren't checklist tasks, tasks on the program, chores, or habits that you already have developed.

Critical tasks are the most important things you aren't already doing that will help create the future you want for yourself.

This could be an extra work task, a healthy habit, continued education, or anything else that will help you progress.

For example, a critical task could be "Call 2 customers and check in/see how they're doing." (this is assuming you don't already do this)

You'll be doing 3 critical tasks.

Notice how I mention "3 extra" critical Power List tasks. That means IF you're already doing a Power List every day...

You'll need to do 3 additional critical tasks.

If you want to learn more about critical tasks and the Power List, you can learn more here.

3. 10 Minutes of Dedicated Visualization

This is a task that will be difficult at first, especially if you've never done it before.

Just like most things in life, you will need repetitions to get really good at it.

So don’t get discouraged if it’s difficult to stay focused at first.

If you're unfamiliar with visualization, this is the practice of creating a vivid picture of your desired life in the future.

It's giving your brain the opportunity to live out and create a connection between the life you want and the life you have now.

It's like having an intentional day dream about where you're trying to go and who you're trying to become.

I highly recommend you read into visualization and the power of manifesting your dreams into reality.

It can permanently change your life and direction in life for the better.

What Else Should I Know About Phase 1?

There are a few more things you should know about Phase 1.

For one, Phase 1 is the program that immediately follows 75 HARD. You must complete the 75 HARD program before moving on to Phase 1.

Another important thing to know is that if you fail at any time throughout Phase 1, you have to restart on Day 1 of Phase 1.

If you miss a task on Day 30...

The following day, you'll have to restart the program from Day 1.

The skills you develop throughout the program will serve you greatly. Just understand that these skills are perishable. You always have to keep working at them.

How Can I Get Started With Phase 1?

If you're interested in doing Phase 1, and the rest of the LIVEHARD program...

You're in the right place.

As I mentioned earlier, if you haven't already done 75 HARD ... you'll have to start there.

You can learn more about 75 HARD here.

Phase 1 and the LIVEHARD program can not only make you mentally bulletproof, it can also give you the discipline and skill set to dominate in every area of your life.

Quit putting your potential on the back burner.

Get started on pursuing the life you truly want for yourself.

Not only for yourself ... but for the people around you, too.

Because through your actions and the example you set, you'll set off a chain reaction that inspires the people around you to want more for themselves, too.

Ready to get started?

Listen to the full show I did on Phase 1 and the rest of the LIVEHARD program here.

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