January 01, 2023 10 min read

What do most people do when they see someone who's more successful than them?

They try to rationalize it...

But, their thoughts aren't rational ... they're irrational.

Almost always, these people try to justify the reason why they're not as successful … by pointing the finger at luck, talent, circumstance, or some other false story they sell themselves on.

You and I know the truth...

The truth is, these people just haven't exercised the same discipline...

Haven't invested the time...

Haven't put in the work...

Haven't poured into their personal development...

...and haven't done much, if anything, to challenge themselves and step outside of their comfort zone.

Becoming successful is hard ... a lot harder than you think.

It's not going to happen overnight either.

Success requires all of your time, effort, energy, and a bulletproof mindset and skill set.

Above all else, it takes mental toughness.

Mental toughness is a skill that must be built and nourished every day through your actions.

However, building mental toughness is neither simple nor obvious.

That's why I created the LIVEHARD program.

If you truly want to build yourself into someone who completely dominates in every single thing you do...

LIVEHARD is your answer.

What is the LIVEHARD Program?

LIVEHARD is a year-long transformative mental toughness program.

Think of it like an Ironman for your brain.

Through the LIVEHARD program, you'll develop skills like confidence, grit, discipline, fortitude, self-worth, self-belief, and self-esteem.

Most people believe these are character traits that you just magically are born with.


They are skills that must be built through execution.

Successful people are no different than you or anybody else...

They just made the decision to go out and build the necessary skills to succeed ... and you haven't.

That's why I created LIVEHARD.

This program will help you build these skills and show you the real discipline and work it takes to become truly great and build an incredible life for yourself.

LIVEHARD consists of 4 separate stages. I'll cover these in detail...

The 4 Stages of LIVEHARD

These 4 stages must be completed over the course of a year's time. No longer, no shorter.

You must complete each of these stages with 0 compromise and 0 substitutions. Anything else is just you cheating yourself.

Part 1: 75 HARD

The first stage of the LIVEHARD program is called 75 HARD. Think of this as the mental boot camp for the rest of the program.

If you don’t complete 75 HARD, then you will not understand the significance of the tasks or the additional phases … so that is why you must start with this first.

In fact, you can't skip around at all. That's not the purpose of the program.

75 HARD, as you can imagine, is a 75 day program.

It consists of completing the following tasks every single day over the course of those 75 days:

1. Drink a Gallon of Water

No flavor, no carbonation, no nothing. Pure water. You are allowed to drink other beverages in addition to your water, but not in replacement of your water.

2. Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction, Self-Development Focused Book

This isn't free read time. No Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings ... these must be books that will help you learn practical skills, and/or gain perspective outside of your own.

The whole point of this is to help develop your mindset and skill set.

3. Complete Two 45 Minute Workouts. One Must Be Outdoors.

These workouts have to be AT LEAST 45 minutes. You can go over if you'd like.

Yes, one of the workouts must be done outside.

I don't care what the weather is like ... this is intended to train you to execute even when the circumstances aren't ideal.

Because in real life, they rarely are.

**When it comes to completing your outdoor workout in extremely bad weather (ie. a tornado) be smart.  Yes, this is a mental toughness program … but, don’t be stupid and put yourself in harm’s way.

4. Follow a Diet (No Alcohol or Cheat Meals)

We all know what foods are considered healthy and which foods aren't. Don't cheat yourself.

I recommend you follow a diet that is in line with your health and fitness goals.

For me, I choose to follow a diet that consists of lean protein sources, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This program is supposed to be difficult, so keep that in mind when it comes to your food choices.

If you have to question yourself on whether a certain food would be appropriate for the program or not ... chances are, it's not.

That also means you can have absolutely 0 alcohol or cheat meals.

5. Take a Progress Picture

Take your shirt off and take a picture of yourself in the mirror or have someone else take it for you.

You don't have to post this anywhere. This is to keep you accountable and help you understand the importance of executing on the little details amongst the bigger tasks you have to focus on.

You'll also be glad you did, because if you do this program correctly, you will see significant changes to your physical appearance.

What Else Should I Know About 75 HARD?

75 HARD alone can have a massive impact on your life, mindset, and discipline.

However, if you are to miss a single task on any day of the program (whether that's Day 1 or Day 75) ... you must restart 75 HARD from Day 1. There will be 0 skipping or corner-cutting.

Will anybody know? Probably not. But guess what? You'll know.

Even worse than that, you won't get any of the benefits of the program. In fact, your lack of integrity will destroy you from the inside.

So don't compromise.

If you want to learn about the 75 HARD program in detail ... you can get more information here.

Part 2: Phase 1

Phase 1 is a 30 day program that comes directly after 75 HARD. You may choose to roll immediately into Phase 1, or you can wait any amount of time to start it.

Just keep in mind that all 4 stages of the LIVEHARD program must be completed by the end of your year. With that being said, if you do not complete Phase 1 with enough time left in the year to complete the last 2 stages ... you have to restart the entire LIVEHARD program over from Day 1 of 75 HARD.

Phase 1 has a lot of the same tasks as 75 HARD, but also adds a few extra tasks.

The goal is to continue to develop yourself and your mental toughness.

So you'll still have to...

- Drink a Gallon of Water
- Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction, Self-Development Focused Book (No Audiobooks)
- Complete 2, 45 Minute Workouts (One Must Be Outdoors *Please use your best judgement, and don't get yourself hurt if the conditions are serious like a hurricane or natural disaster)
- Follow a Diet (No Alcohol or Cheat Meals)
- Take a Progress Picture

However, you'll also be adding a few new tasks...

1. 5 Minute Cold Shower

This isn't a lukewarm shower. This isn't a cool shower. This isn't a mildly cold shower. This is a cold shower. Cold means cold ... I really don't know how I can make that any more clear.

It should be very physically uncomfortable for the extent of those 5 minutes.

This is just another way to put you in uncomfortable situations to grow and develop your mental toughness.

There are also a lot of health benefits to taking cold showers ... just as an added bonus.

2. 3 Extra Critical Power List Tasks

Critical power list tasks are tasks that you must complete every day to help you make progress toward your goals.

These aren't checklist tasks, tasks on the program, chores, or habits that you already have developed.

Critical tasks are the most important things you aren't already doing that will help create the future you want for yourself.

This could be an extra work task, a healthy habit, continued education, or anything else that will help you progress.

For example, a critical task could be "Call 2 customers and check in/see how they're doing." (this is assuming you don't already do this)

You'll be doing 3 critical tasks.

Notice how I mention "3 extra" critical Power List tasks. That means IF you're already doing a Power List every day...

You'll need to do 3 additional critical tasks.

If you want to learn more about critical tasks and the Power List, you can learn more here.

3. 10 Minutes of Dedicated Visualization

On top of every other task, you'll need to set aside 10 minutes to visualize.

This isn't daydreaming ... this is time you spend living out your biggest dreams and goals.

Be as vivid as you possibly can be, really feeling and experiencing your life in the future.

This plays a huge role in helping you attract and bridge the gap between your reality now and your reality in the future.

If you're unfamiliar with the law of attraction and visualization ... I highly recommend you catch yourself up to speed.

These concepts will completely change your life.

What Else Should I Know About Phase 1?

Just like 75 HARD, if you fail at any time throughout Phase 1, you have to restart on Day 1 of Phase 1.

Just remember that you only have a full year to complete the program, and if you can't finish Phase 1 in time ... you'll have to restart the entire program.

One last important detail about Phase 1 is what happens directly afterward.

Even though you can finish 75 HARD and roll right into Phase 1, you can't go straight into Phase 2 once you complete Phase 1.

As soon as you finish Phase 1, you have to wait for at least 30 days before you're allowed to start Phase 2.

What you do during that 30 days is completely up to you, but it won't count toward your progress on Phase 2. This is by design ... and is intended to teach you the power of maintaining momentum.

Which leads us into the third stage of the LIVEHARD program...

Part 3: Phase 2

After you've completed Phase 1 and have waited at least 30 days, it's time to hop into Phase 2.

Phase 2 is another 30 day program that includes the following tasks:

- Drink a Gallon of Water
- Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction, Self-Development Focused Book
- Complete 2, 45 Minute Workouts (One Must Be Outdoors)
- Follow a Diet (No Alcohol or Cheat Meals)
- Take a Progress Picture

Yes, these are the exact same tasks as 75 HARD. The only difference is this is only for 30 days.

This will help teach you the power of momentum and how important it is to maintain it at all times.

If you fail Phase 2 at any point, you have to restart from Day 1 of Phase 2.

Once you complete Phase 2, you can move on to the fourth and final stage of the LIVEHARD program...

Part 4: Phase 3

Before you jump right into Phase 3, there's something important you need to know:

Phase 3 must be completed in the last 30 days leading up to the anniversary of you starting 75 HARD.

For example, if you started 75 HARD on January 31st, of 2022 … you would begin Phase 3 on January 1st of 2023, which means your last day would be January 30th, 2023.

If you are unable to start Phase 3 in time to align with the last 30 days of your year anniversary with 75 HARD ... you have to restart the LIVEHARD program from Day 1 of 75 HARD.

That also means if you mess up even once on Phase 3 ... you have to completely restart the LIVEHARD program.

You're still going to stick with the same 5 tasks involved in every other stage of LIVEHARD as well as a couple of the tasks from Phase 1:

- Drink a Gallon of Water
- Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction, Self-Development Focused Book
- Complete 2, 45 Minute Workouts (One Must Be Outdoors)
- Follow a Diet (No Alcohol or Cheat Meals)
- Take a Progress Picture
- 5 Minute Cold Shower
- 3 Extra Critical Power List Tasks

But on top of these tasks, you'll have a few new ones as well...

1. Have a Conversation with a Stranger

Allow me to be very clear...

A greeting is not a conversation. The conversation should go deeper than surface level.

You and I both know the difference between a conversation and a greeting or a few back-and-forth comments.

Spark a connection with somebody new and be intentional. Not a single task in this program is designed for you to go through and check the box. That's weak, and will result in you getting nothing out of the program.

2. Random Act of Kindness

This is one of my favorite tasks, and there's a ton of room for creativity here.

You should go out of your way to do something kind for somebody else.

It could be paying for someone's food...

Getting someone a gift...

Volunteering your time...

Carrying around a trash bag and picking up trash during your outdoor workout...

I've heard a lot of great stories.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you aren't doing the same easy thing every single day to check the box here.

Don't go out and buy 30 flowers to gift to new people each day. If you do that, or anything similar, you're missing the point.

You need to train yourself to be a human that genuinely cares and acts in the best interests of others.

LIVEHARD In Pursuit of Your Maximum Potential

When you complete Phase 3, you've completed the LIVEHARD program.

You won't even be able to recognize or relate to the person you were a year ago ... I promise.

Your confidence, discipline, mental toughness, self-worth, self-esteem, and fortitude will all skyrocket as a result.

You'll have the mindset and skill set to go out and feel confident executing in anything you do.

These skills and the mindset you build will translate into every area of your life.

One point I want to make about the LIVEHARD program...

This is not intended to be a "one and done" program.  The skills you build through LIVEHARD don't just magically stay around forever.  That's why the LIVEHARD program is designed for you to complete it every year ... so you can continue to make progress, instead of constantly going up and down your entire life.  So if you want to get the most out of the program AND your life ... complete LIVEHARD every year.

There have been thousands of people who have progressed in their personal and professional lives thanks to this program.

Will you do the same for yourself?

Then you better get started now.

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