June 15, 2022 3 min read

What you expect for yourself is exactly what you'll get out of life...

Which is why you shouldn't expect anything short of greatness from yourself.

Trust me when I tell you…

If you truly want to change your reality...

You need to learn how to shift your mindset from “hope”, “wonder”, “wish” and “want” ... to EXPECTATION.

The real reason why most people don't end up with a life they want is because they don't expect to get the life they want.

With that in mind...

What do you expect for yourself?

Do you expect that you'll reach your goals and put in the effort required to do so?

Or do you expect to fall short, fail, or have no chance of reaching them altogether?

Whatever you choose will be the outcome of your life.

Here's why you need to quit wishing...

...and start expecting.

Low Expectations and Your Goals

Having low expectations for yourself is detrimental to your goals.

That's because the level of action you take to reach your goals is directly related to the belief you have in your ability to reach them.

If you expect mediocre...

You'll get mediocre.

What you think about ... and the energy you put into the universe will always be reciprocated. 

Which is why if you have low expectations for yourself and your life...

You will fall far short of where you want to end up.

You have to develop new expectations.

You have to demand more.

You have to put forth more effort.

You have to build your confidence.

You have to build your self-belief.

...and when you combine these factors together...

There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals. 

But nothing you truly want to accomplish is possible if you have low expectations for yourself.

Ditch them, and start expecting more for yourself.

Here's exactly how to do it...

How to Set High Expectations For Yourself

Most people struggle to set high expectations for themselves because they don't have the self-belief or conviction they need to have high expectations.

So, what can you do to build up your self-belief?

The answer is simple...

The process is not.

You have to accomplish difficult tasks.

This can be in the form of any personal or professional goal...

Everything from getting a promotion at work to running a marathon can make a huge difference.

Here's why...

By accomplishing difficult tasks, you're proving to yourself what you are capable of.

This not only builds your self-belief and confidence...

But it will also encourage you to step further outside of your comfort zone.

The more you prove to yourself, the more you begin to expect of yourself.

We are very good at sniffing out our own B.S.

If you try to set high expectations for yourself without truly believing in your ability to execute...

You're just lying to yourself.

Having high expectations for yourself is a process...

...and the first step is building the self-belief and confidence you need to actually develop high expectations for yourself.

Once you have developed these skills, you have to identify your biggest goals in life.

Now make the decision to settle for nothing less than what you want to achieve.

You have to be ruthless...

You have to be relentless...

You have to be unforgiving...

...and you have to expect to reach your goals.

In Conclusion

What do you expect for your life?

Because whatever you expect is exactly what you'll get.

...and yes...

I'm operating under the assumption that you're intelligent enough to understand that you also have to put in the work alongside your expectations.

If you want to build the life of your dreams...

You have to raise your standard...

You have to demand more of yourself...

…and you have to expect that you'll get there.

If you do that...

Nothing stands between you and the life you're working to build.

Step one comes down to building your self-confidence and self-belief.

Fortunately for you, I created a program that will help you build these skills ... and many more.

That program is 75 HARD.

If you follow the program exactly as I lay it out, with zero compromise and zero substitutions…

You and your life will never be the same.

You’ll prove everything you need to prove to yourself in order to develop expectations for your future.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started with 75 HARD today.

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