January 18, 2021 4 min read

You may have pushed yourself as hard as you thought was possible…

But you have more in the tank ... I can promise you that.

Your ability to push far past your perceived limit all comes down to your mental strength.

When it comes to achieving your goals or having success in life ... mental toughness is not an option.

What Mental Strength Is

Mental strength is all about doing the things you need to do regardless of the conditions, and especially when you don’t want to.

You have to push past your limits...

You have to embrace struggle and treat it as an opportunity...

You have to stop at nothing to execute to perfection.

Mental strength is also reflected in how you react to your failures...

Your perseverance…

And even the confidence you have in yourself.

Here’s the truth....

Mental strength is what makes you a winner.

Why Mental Strength Is Important

If you want to gain complete control of your personal and professional life…

Reach your goals…

And build skills such as self-belief, confidence, self-esteem, grittiness, and fortitude…

You need the mentality of a champion.

You need mental strength.

It is extremely important if you want to set yourself up for success in every area of your life.

Here are 6 Ways to Develop Mental Strength...

1. Focus On The Things You Can Control

It’s important to pick the right battles…

Not everything is in your control, and focusing on the things that aren’t in your control will only frustrate you.

When you shift your focus and energy entirely into the things you can control…

You no longer hold yourself back from making true progress and becoming the best possible version of yourself.

This is because instead of wasting your time...

You are using it productively to form new habits, create positive change, and gain more control.

2. Learn From Your Failures

Some of the failures you encounter in your life are going to suck, but you have to face them.

There is tremendous opportunity in your failures when you accept responsibility for them and seek out the lesson...

Learn from them, move on, and apply the things you learned in the future.

This will ultimately better equip you to deal with your failures in the future.

3. Set Goals, Then Carry Them Out

One of the best things you can do for your mental strength is accomplish difficult things.

If you are constantly putting yourself in situations that require a massive amount of effort and discipline...

You will build your mental strength as a result.

The important takeaway here is that you are actually executing on the things you tell yourself you’re going to do...

This is a great way to cultivate confidence, self-belief, and overall mental strength.

The work has to be done.

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

One statement that holds a ton of truth is this...

Comfort breeds complacency.

If you aren’t seeking out uncomfortable situations…

You will become careless and put an end to your personal growth.

Mental strength and resilience is forged in these uncomfortable situations.

The more conditioned you become to the feeling of discomfort…

The better.

You’ll equip yourself to push past your breaking points and overcome all painful situations.

5. Ditch the “Poor Little Me” Mentality

Developing mental strength is going to first require that you quit identifying as a victim.

Everyone wants to talk about how hard they’ve had it in life…

Or how unfair everything is for them.

You need to understand that this way of thinking is extremely destructive.

It is often used as a way to justify your shortcomings...

Your failures…

And your lack of accomplishment.

More importantly, these thoughts are fake.

If you truly want mental strength, you have to eliminate your weak mentality, accept responsibility for everything in your life, and understand that life is going to be difficult.

So what?

6. Complete 75 HARD

If there was a guide on how to become mentally strong … It would be 75 HARD.

75 HARD is a 100% free program that will help you take complete control of your life and gain mental strength.

Make Bigger Things Happen

Your mental strength determines how far you’re able to go to achieve your goals.

When you choose to push yourself, great things can happen.

If you lack the motivation to push yourself … do it anyway.

You’re going to learn that the motivation will not always be there...

You have to put in the work whether you want to do it or not.

As you develop your mental strength, staying disciplined will get easier…

And your life will change as a result.


#75HARD: A Tactical Guide To Winning The War With Yourself

I've spent more than 25 years figuring out how to master mental toughness and I've put everything I've learned into a program called 75 HARD. In today's episode, I tell you what it's all about and how to 100x skills such as confidence, self-belief, discipline, grittiness & completely transform your life.

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