July 12, 2021 5 min read

I get it...

Our lives can feel busy and overwhelming at times.

This is completely normal, and it's nothing to be frustrated about.

The problem is ... most people will let "being busy" keep them from executing and actually doing something productive...

Which is a terrible excuse.

The truth is, everybody is busy. You just have to learn how to take your 24 hours and use them as efficiently as possible.

I’d much rather be productive for 5 hours and get everything I need to done for the day ... than spend 16 hours being “busy” or "grinding" all day, every day, and have no time for myself.

Wouldn’t you?

You have to learn how to organize your day and your time in a way that is going to best serve you, and help you accomplish your critical tasks.

Every other “guru” is going to tell you that you have to hustle every hour of every day…

I promise you this is not true.

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to being productive ... here are 7 great ways to increase your productivity and make the most of your time.

1. Focus On One Task At A Time

I don't care what you hear about multi-tasking and being efficient...

Multi-tasking is a myth, and here's why...

When you divide your attention between two different things at once, you will produce a lower-quality result on BOTH of the things you're working on.  There's no getting around this.

Actually, it will end up taking longer for you to complete both tasks as well, because of transition periods between the two tasks and losing focus.

When you fully immerse yourself in one task at a time, not only will you become more efficient...

You'll also produce a much higher quality result because of the extra energy and attention you put into the single task.

Plus, you'll be a lot less "busy" if you don't have to do anything a second time.

When you multi-task, or really just put in minimal effort...

You are only making yourself busier and less productive.

2. Stay Disciplined

A huge part of being productive is staying disciplined.

We all have things we must do every day.  When you are disciplined and follow through on these things…

You’ll have a lot more time to do whatever else you want or need to do when you finish.

If you are trading time throughout your day to screw around or relax instead of staying on top of your critical tasks…

You’re going to feel like you are "too busy" and have no time.

It doesn’t matter whether you follow a set routine or not, you'll be much more productive if you stay disciplined in doing the things that need to be done.

3. Make A List of 5 Critical Tasks

Most people overwhelm themselves with too many things to do in a single day.

Here’s the problem with that…

If you are trying to accomplish 10 things in one day…

You won’t have the mental capacity to be effective before you’re even done with 3 of these tasks.

When you stick to 5 critical tasks, and focus on executing them to perfection every day...

You will make consistent progress, and eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed.

If you accomplish all 5 of your critical tasks, and you want to relax after that, you can!

Here’s what I want you to do...

Become clear with your purpose and the goals you’re looking to accomplish.

Then, reverse engineer these goals into 5 daily tasks that are going to help you get there if executed properly every day.

That’s it!

This is a tool I call The Power List, because it is empowering you to win...

It is the ultimate productivity habit.

If you complete all 5 tasks, you win the day.

If you don’t complete all 5 tasks, you lose the day.

The Power List is a simple tool that is designed to help you make a habit of winning by prioritizing and executing.

4. Attack the Process

Your goal every day should be to accomplish all of your critical tasks as quickly and effectively as you can.

The better you attack the things that you have to do, the more effective you will become at what you're trying to accomplish.

Having a sense of urgency is something that separates the winners in life from the losers.

5. Ditch Your Excuses

Too many people will throw their hands up and blame their poor productivity on how "little time" they have…

They blame their kids…

Their unique situation…

How tired they are…

Whatever it may be, they are all just excuses.

This way of thinking will prevent you from ever finding out what you can do to become more efficient with your time.

You will always make time for the things that matter to you.

Think about it...

Do you really want the things you say you want?

If you do, you’ll make them happen regardless of the excuses that pop into your brain.

6. Quit Wasting So Much Of Your Time

We have a lot more time than we think.

Most people don’t realize this until they are forced to make time for more responsibilities.

If you pay close attention to your actions every day, I guarantee you will find multiple ways to cut out unnecessary time-sucks that are keeping you from producing results.

For some people, it may be how much time they spend on social media…

For other people, it may be how much time they waste in meaningless conversations…

Either way, you have to quit wasting so much of your time, and replace these windows of time with things that are productive.

7. Re-Define Your Idea of Balance

Most people want to become more effective and have more “balance” in their lives…

But really, it all comes down to what they are trying to accomplish.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are trying to build an empire…

You will not be able to have “balance” in the way that most average people think of balance.

You can’t work 9-6, then shut off and do whatever it is that gives your life “balance”...

You have to be putting in time to grow your business outside the hours of 9-6 if that’s what it’s going to take.

You have to change the way you think about balance.

If you start thinking of balance over the course of your life, you’ll be much more content.

You can dedicate 20 years of your life now to create an entire lifetime of freedom, and regain “balance” in the future.

Wouldn’t you be willing to trade “balance” now for doing whatever you want for the rest of your life?

What Else Can I Do To Stay Productive?

If you take away anything at all, you have to at least understand this…

If you focus on executing your 5 critical tasks…

You'll kill it every day.

Eventually, these tasks become habitual…

When this happens, it’s no longer about whether you're productive or not…

Now it’s about what else you can do to get even better.

Once you find the daily habits that drive your success, you just need to stay consistent.

Make sure that when you go from task to task you are limiting your transition periods as much as possible.

If you get caught spending too much time on meaningless things, you’re going to lose a significant chunk of your day.

Own Your Success

Your success is directly correlated to the things you do and the actions you take.

If you want to win every day to accomplish your biggest goals, you have to be productive.

Not only will you get more things done to advance your goals and create the life you've always wanted...

But you’ll also discover that you have a lot more time than you ever imagined.

Quit being busy.

Start being productive.

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