October 13, 2023 3 min read

The minute you step outside of your comfort zone to go out and start working toward the version of yourself you want to become…

You’re going to face resistance.

You’re going to face pushback.

You’re going to be mocked.

You’re going to be questioned.

You’re going to be called a fraud.

…and you’re going to feel like an imposter.

What you have to understand is that every single successful person that you look up to has dealt with this exact same thing.

It’s part of the process of becoming who it is you want to become…

…and building the kind of life you want to build.

This is called Imposter Syndrome, and if you want to get rid of it … you have to stay the course.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

When I first started my retail business with my business partner Chris, I didn’t know what I was doing. Neither did he.

We built the shelving in our store with supplies we bought at Home Depot.

We ordered the inventory to stock the store on credit cards.

We started very bare bones.

Because it was so bare bones, and because I didn't have any experience running a successful business...

I had no reason to believe that I was qualified or that I should have even been in business.

I felt like a fraud ... as if everyone could see through me.

I felt like an imposter because I had no real reason to believe in myself, nor did anybody else.

That’s imposter syndrome.

Other People Can Make You Feel Like an Imposter

As much as imposter syndrome can come from your own lack of belief and experience…

It can also come from other people as well.

I am a legitimate public speaker and get paid a lot to speak in front of audiences of thousands of people.

But when I started…

I started by writing statuses on social media.

I’d write some motivational stuff or advice and people would make comments saying: “Who are you trying to be Andy? Tony Robbins?”

The minute I would step outside of my comfort zone … the people closest to me were all telling me I needed to step back in line and remember who I was.

When these people push back and question who we’re trying to become … they make us feel like frauds.

Even though they should be supporting us, they don’t.

Instead, they make little wisecracks and remarks about who we’re trying to become.

How to Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

You have to understand that these people aren’t actually trying to discourage you from reaching your goals.

They are just confused…

…and they are confused because you are challenging the version of yourself that they know you to be and expect from you.

You have to know who you are…

You have to know what you are…

You have to know what you’re becoming…

…and you have to believe in what you’re becoming.

The resistance is always the greatest in the beginning.

If you can push through that resistance and start to build some momentum…

Continue to build your skill set…

Continue to gain experience…

…and start to see your goals materialize…

The “imposter syndrome” will disappear very quickly.

Trust me on that.

You’re Not an Imposter

Feeling like a fraud is something we all go through.

Remember … this is what you signed up for.

If you want to be great…

You have to expect resistance…

You have to expect to feel like an imposter.

Everyone you look up to has as well.

The difference is, they continued to become who they were supposed to become and found great success in it.

Everybody else fell back in line.

Take pride in not quitting, and focus on building yourself into someone who can weather the storms along the journey.

All of this can be done by stepping out of your comfort zone and keeping the promises you make to yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start, I developed a free program that can help you build these skills. It’s called 75 HARD.

75 HARD will help you build skills such as mental toughness…






…and so much more. All for free.

You can also listen to my podcast, REAL AF if you’re looking for more lessons and tactical information to help you become successful.

But regardless of what tools or information I give you…

It’s up to you to execute.

Remember that.

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