March 03, 2022 3 min read

You want to go through life taking it easy?

Too bad...

Because no matter how much you lay around, or how many shortcuts you try to take, you’re never going to have things really, truly, easy.

Every day has its obstacles...

...and I would argue that living a life of mediocrity has even more difficult obstacles.

You want the truth?

Life is hard.

Getting things done is hard…

Everything is hard

...and even if you give up on your goals and crawl back into bed, you’re still going to have a hard time.

The difference is that there’s no pay off...

So why wouldn't you pursue your goals?

If life is going to be more difficult by avoiding hard work...

Why would you avoid it?

Re-align that effort to something that's worth working toward.

Hardworking people win in life...

...and even though they have struggles...

Their struggles are much different.


There's only one way to win in life...

...and it's by doing the work.

You ever wonder why I talk about doing the work so much?

It's because there is no substitution for it.

There is no easy path...

There is no way around it...

There is no corner to cut...

You HAVE to do the hard work to have success and fulfillment in life.

The reason why hardworking people win ... is because of what they learn along the process.

You see ... doing the work gives you the skills, experience, and perspective that you can't get ANYWHERE ELSE.

This is why real winners aren't afraid of losing anything...

Because they know that they will always have the skillset they gained from the process of doing the work.

But they also know that no matter what...

They will never quit...

They will never slow down...

They will never take their eye off the ball...

They will never compromise...

They are always in pursuit of their potential.

That's why hardworking people win.


How can you recognize a hard worker?

They tend to stand out.

…and you can’t fake hard work

But it’s not always enough to simply look for the person in charge.

Instead, look for the person who is making things happen.

Hardworking people put in longer hours...

They finish more in less time because they work smart...

They hold their concentration without allowing themselves to be distracted.

But they aren’t single-minded...

They don’t just get the job done...

They take the INITIATIVE and identify new opportunities, even while they’re pushing themselves on other tasks.

But their most important quality is their determination.

It’s easy to work hard when you’re motivated, excited, or if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hard workers don’t need external motivation ... they provide their own incentives.

...and that carries them through any hurdle that life might throw into their path.


You want to know how to cultivate these qualities in your own life?

Then quit looking for the answer...

You already know what you need to do.

You just haven't made the decision to go all in yet.

That's all it is...

Any other justification you have is just an excuse.

You need to recognize that you're looking for the easy way out ... instead of putting in the effort you know you need to win.

Face your challenges head on.

Life isn't easy...

...and you trying to make it easier is actually making it more difficult.

There is no escaping the work.

It's the only path to reaching anything that you want in life.

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