Work Hard or Work Smart?

April 15, 2020 2 min read


Work hard?


Work smart?

Every time I say or post about "doing the work" I get a handful of know-it-alls hopping on and saying "It's about working smart not hard"

...and to those people I say...

Have fun sitting on the sidelines of life because there is a 98% chance you use that statement as an excuse to get out if doing the work.

When I say "do the fucking work" I am saying that under a context that I'm assuming people are intelligent enough to have thought through a plan.

There is opportunity in everything to make a massive impact if you work your ass off to become the best, utilize your brain power, and make a lifetime commitment to being better than the next guy each & every day.

For example: If your job is to dig ditches, and you go out and dig for 16 hours instead of may make a little more money, but are you going to end up a multi-millionaire? Likely not...

HOWEVER, if you are a ditch digger, and dig ditches for 8 hours a day ,and during those eight hours you put every ounce of energy you have into digging the best damn ditch on will at least command more pay.

If you become good enough & become the world's most renowned ditch digger, you can be hired by all the ditch digging companies on earth to teach them how to dig the world's best ditch...removing you from the hard labor of digging ditches all together.

Even further...maybe in your quest to become the world's best ditch digger, you work your perfect 8 hours and put in another 6 per day to find a way to innovate the ditch digging equipment that can dig a better ditch, or dig a ditch 10x as fast, patent it, produce it and sell it to all the ditch digging companies on earth, as well as get paid to consult them.

The point is this: It's not working hard or smart.


Every day.

All day.

For life.

BUT at the end of the day, it always comes down to doing it and 99% of people never make the jump from "planning" to "doing"...lack of a plan is almost never the problem...lack of execution is...which is why I say "DO THE FUCKING WORK!"


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