Everything Is Hard

February 24, 2020 2 min read



No matter what path you find yourself on, it has its challenges.

This is a fact of life.

YES...dedicating yourself and doing the required work toward ANY GOAL...whether it be physical, financial or personal...is going to be difficult!

But are the consequences of not doing these things not just as difficult, if not more?

What is the cost of NOT achieving your goals and ideal life?

Is that life not extremely hard too?

Making progress seems like a never ending struggle to EVERYONE...not just you!

As much as you may tell yourself that you are some special case where the universe is conspiring to make it 100x harder on you than everyone else….it just isn't true...and if you ever want to get anywhere you better quit feeding yourself that bullshit story.

Yes, we ALL have our own challenges and obstacles that make our situations…well…our situations.

That does not, however, make them unique.

The fact is, if you take a minute to look around, there are tons of people with your EXACT challenges that have made successes of themselves and accomplished what it is you are seeking to accomplish…and more.


The champion in you is forged by overcoming the unique fears & challenges we all face.

Anything worth having in life has a definitive price. Identifying and understanding what price you have to pay to get what you want is a very important step many people overlook.

Success isn't a reward for the soft, delicate snowflakes.

It’s a reward for the hardened, gritty warrior…THAT’S WITHIN ALL OF US...

...and you'll find that "you", if you're willing to give an honest look at yourself, quit the whining, quit the excuse making, do the work & pay the price.

Do that…and success will be yours.

It's that simple.

Everything is "hard".

You don’t get to opt out of "the hard".

You get to choose your hard.

Quit making excuses.

Make fucking history.


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