December 02, 2022 4 min read

There's a huge misconception in society today that says success just "happens" for a select few lucky people.

I used to call it the "success fairy."

A lot of people believe that success is only reserved for people who were lucky enough to be chosen by the "success fairy."

Obviously, this isn't true.

Yet, most of the world still seems to feel as if it is.

You have to understand that success is not a byproduct of luck or circumstance...

Success is possible for anyone and everyone.

But, how can It be achieved?

It all starts with a success mindset.

What is a Success Mindset?

A success mindset is all about being in constant pursuit of your maximum potential.

It's committing to building a life for yourself that is far above and beyond what most people would consider to be "normal."

It's establishing an extremely high standard for yourself, holding that standard, and constantly working to increase the standard.

It's having the humility to recognize that no matter how great you become ... you will always have a lot to learn.

It's the mindset that all highly successful people possess.

...and if you want to become truly great and fulfill your biggest goals and dreams in life...

You need to develop this mindset for yourself, too.

So how do you develop a success mindset?

There are quite a few ways...

1. Start Setting Massive Goals

Take a minute to think about your biggest goals and dreams in life.

Don't hold back. I don't care how "impossible" they seem.

Now, take these goals, and multiply them by 100.

These are your new goals.

You see, the reason why most people never reach their goals or accomplish anything great in life is because they set small, attainable, and "realistic" goals.

The problem is, small goals require small thoughts and small actions.

Big goals require big thoughts and big actions.

If you aren't freeing your mind to think 100 times bigger...

You're thinking too small for success.

All highly successful people have at one point been called crazy for their dreams.

That should be your goal, too.

2. You Have to Humble Yourself

If you're already convinced that you know everything ... how are you ever going to learn anything new?

You can't.

That's why humility is an important piece of what it means to have a success mindset.

All highly successful people are fully aware of the fact that they know very little.

This keeps them in a constant state of learning and improving upon their skillset. That way, they can completely dominate everyone they're in competition with.

...Which brings us to another important point about having a success mindset...

3. You Have to Be Urgent At All Times

A true success mindset means you are always urgent.

While everybody else gets lazy and complacent after a few wins...

You have to keep your foot on the gas, and never let off.

Selective urgency is the single biggest killer of dreams.

If you pick and choose what's important and when it's important...

You will get beat by people who have much more hunger, drive, and urgency than you.


4. Make A List of Critical Tasks, and Execute

Real winners make a list of their most important tasks and execute on that list every single day.

This is not your chore list … these are tasks that will force you closer to your goals.

This could be anything from making an extra 5 sales calls, to reading a self-development book, or even working out.

Executing on a list of critical tasks is a huge part of what makes successful people so successful.

They show up to execute on the list whether they feel like it or not...

That's what It means to have a true success mindset.

By picking out 5 tasks that will help you reach your goals every single day and executing...

You are literally laying the foundation for what will be your life in the future.

This is a strategy I've used every day for over 20 years. I call it The Power List.

It works. Trust me on that.

5. Challenge Yourself to Develop a Success Mindset

People with a success mindset are always challenging themselves.

They challenge their physical and mental limits all the time to get better.

They realize that they are only capable of getting better and learning new things through the process of getting uncomfortable and pushing themselves.

They also understand that on the other side of pain and struggle is a reward, which is why they aren't scared to step up to any challenge.

Start Building a Success Mindset Now

A success mindset isn't something that comes naturally to anyone. It takes a lot of dedicated and intentional effort to build a success mindset.

You can do it.

It's just going to require everything you've got.

If you're unsure exactly where to start, you should do 75 HARD.

75 HARD is a transformative mental toughness program that will help you develop the mindset and skills you need to be successful in anything you do.

You'll build skills like confidence, fortitude, grit, self-belief, perseverance, and so much more.

Plus, the program is 100% FREE.

But regardless of whether you do the program or not...

You have what it takes to be successful.

You just have to develop a success mindset to see your goals through to the end.

But that's a choice you have to make for yourself?

What will you choose?

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