December 01, 2022 3 min read

Let me make something very clear … just because you’re a manager … doesn’t mean you're a leader.

But you also don't have to be a manager in order to be a leader.

In fact, you can lead from whatever position you’re in.

It doesn't matter whether you're the dishwasher...

Head chef...

Or the CEO...

Status isn't necessary in order to lead.

Most people often get this confused and think that once you become a manager ... you automatically earn the same respect as a leader.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Here's the real difference between a leader and a manager...

What is a Manager?

Managers have the responsibility of managing the people who work with them.

Bad managers will usually rely on their title or position to get their team to perform a task.

They often expect others to follow them because of their status or “title”...

The truth is, this is a terrible way to produce results, and an even worse way to build relationships with your team.

Good managers are much different.

They may have the title of "manager", but good managers know how to lead effectively.

A good manager is a leader.

What is a Leader?

Leaders encourage their team and the people around them to produce results.

They inspire them through their actions.

Leaders are selfless, and always put others and the mission before themselves.

Instead of expecting their team to do what they say because they "said so" ... leaders take the time to make sure everyone understands the mission to a T.

They also spend time coaching and developing the people around them so they can grow and advance.

...and like I mentioned earlier ... leaders don't necessarily have to be a manager. Anybody on the team can lead.

Leadership vs Management: Do I demand or Do I inspire?

As someone who is in a leadership position, or who aspires to be in that kind of position … you need to ask yourself what your intent is.

Is your intent to boss people around to get the job done?


Is your intent to inspire greatness in your team, make sure they understand the importance of the mission, and dominate your competition?

Don't get it confused ... a leader should challenge their team and expect the best of them.

But only a true leader has the earned respect to get their team to excel.

How Do Leaders Gain and Maintain Respect From Their Team?

Real leaders lead by example.

It's the only way you can earn and maintain the respect of your team long-term.

If you're a leader, or trying to become one...

You have to get your hands dirty.

You can't be above any job.

You have to do your part to row the boat, and a lot of times, even more than that.

Through taking action and doing the job themselves, they are able to hold others accountable as well.

Another way leaders gain the respect of their team is by holding a high standard for themselves and the people around them.

You can't expect anyone to respect you if you don't respect yourself by upholding a high standard.

True Leaders Exercise Humility

All great leaders are humble.

They understand that no matter how great they become ... they will never know everything...

Not even close.

They are able to admit their mistakes, are in a constant state of learning, and always accept constructive criticism.

Leaders don't have too much pride to admit they're wrong.

They'll also be the first to fix their mistakes, adjust course, and make sure they never make the same mistake again.

The World Needs More Leaders

We all lead people whether you think so or not.

There is at least one person in your life who you inspire through your actions ... whether those actions are good or bad.

I know one thing for sure...

The world needs strong, capable leaders now more than ever.

Why can't that be you?

If you want to learn more about leadership and how to become the best version of yourself, tune into my podcast REAL AF.

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