December 08, 2022 4 min read

What do people mean when they say, “It’s lonely at the top”?

Does it mean that the more successful they become … the less friends they have?

Does it mean that the higher they climb, the less people they’ll be able to relate to?

Or does it mean something completely different?

Let’s dive into what people actually mean when they say this…

Why is the top lonely?

When you first set out to become the best version of yourself

And start chasing your goals and dreams…

Whether it’s in business, or any other area of your life…

The people that you hang out with are going to be confused.

A lot of them will even begin to question you.

It’s not because you’re doing anything wrong…

It’s because as you progress further down the road to becoming the person you desperately want to be…

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People are going to perceive you as a different person.

That’s because you will be a different person.

The people who you hang out with right now are not going to relate to you the same way they used to…

But you have to accept the fact that you are going to lose some people.

Some will fade away, others will start to not like you, and some may even start talking shit about you.

That doesn’t mean that your old friends are bad people…

It’s natural to grow apart from certain relationships and connections you once had.

But when this first starts to happen to you, you’ll start to question yourself … thinking, “What am I doing wrong?”

You have to understand it’s a necessary part of your journey.

Be patient.

Everything in life is about evolution

You have to take care of yourself first…

The only way you are going to feel good about your life … is by doing the best you possibly can for yourself.

That doesn’t mean you’re selfish…

In fact, the higher you go, the more you evolve, and the better you become…

The more people are going to improve just by being around you.

But you also have to realize that some people just don’t want to get better … and you don’t need to surround yourself with those people anymore.

Growing apart from certain people is just a part of life.

You can’t worry about what people are going to think about you, or say about you when you’re on your journey…

Because they’ll only drag you back down to their level, so they can feel comfortable with their average life.

Don’t let this derail you from wanting to become successful...

Because these people will mean nothing to you in 10 years.

Even though you’re going to lose people when you start shaping into the person you truly want to be…

There is another side to all of this that no one talks about.

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The part no one talks about

You need to understand that the saying, “it’s lonely at the top” is bullshit.

That’s what people who struggle in life say.

You don’t lose friends…

Because as you evolve, you make new friends…

And replace the connections you left behind.

The difference is … these new relationships are beneficial for your growth and development.

These are people who will lift you up…

Support your ambitions…

Demand more of you…

And help you become the person you truly want to be.

You’ll start to realize that these are the relationships that you’ve wanted all along.

You will feel so much more fulfilled in these new relationships, because they are aligned with what you want out of your life.

Think about everyone who tries to hold you back…

What if all of those people were replaced with people that push you to get better?

How much more would your life improve?

In my experience, surrounding yourself with the right people makes a huge difference in your life.

It’s not actually “lonely at the top”

So, is it actually “lonely at the top”?

The truth is … it’s not.

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But in the beginning, when you first change your mentality…

You will get a lot of criticism…

You will lose some people that are close to you…

…And start to feel like the journey actually is lonely.

But people who say “it’s lonely at the top” haven’t done shit in their lives...

They are the first ones to start pulling you back down to their level when you start showing any signs of wanting to better your life ... and pursue your maximum potential.

What they don’t realize is how many incredible new relationships you’ll make with like-minded people who will support you along the way…

Push you to be better…

And bring you up instead of pushing you down.

So when you hear someone say "it's lonely at the top" ... understand that they are full of shit, because they're not even "at the top" ... so how can they tell you what it's like?

I'm not even "at the top", but I can tell you that the more successful I've become, the more exceptional people I've had the opportunity to become friends with.

Instead of worrying about the people who are trying to drag you down and keep you average...

Get excited for the awesome people you will meet as you level up your life.

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