March 01, 2023 4 min read

How many people do you know who won't go out and try anything because they're scared of failing?

If I had to guess...

I'm sure you know quite a few.

I do too.

It's not uncommon to fear failure.

Nobody wants to fall flat on their face and look stupid.

But what you have to understand is that success is impossible without failure.

The sooner you can start viewing failure the right way...

The sooner you can turn these losses into major wins.

Success Is Impossible Without Failure

If you truly want to be successful...

You have to learn to start seeing failure for what it actually is.

There are far too many misconceptions around failure.

The biggest one being that failure is avoidable.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but here it is...

Nobody, and I mean LITERALLY NOBODY, has a clear cut path to the top of the mountain that's free of struggle, failure, or adversity.

The problem is, we don't see the failures in other people.

We don't look at famous people and wonder how many times they've screwed up to get where they are...

We don't look at successful business people and wonder how many times they've failed before they finally achieve any success...

But the reality is, everyone you see who's "made it" has undergone a massive amount of failure to get where they're at now.

That's because success isn't possible without failure.

So assuming that you're somehow going to go out and win on your first try without taking any mis-steps is extremely naive and arrogant.

This mindset is actually insulting. Why? Well, because you're telling everyone who's been through the process that you're better than having to deal with the failures.

Take a step back into reality and understand that failure is quite literally a necessary component to becoming successful.

Failure is the Greatest Teacher

Do you know what's equally as important as knowing what to do?

Knowing what not to do.

This is exactly what failure teaches us.

By gaining understanding of what not to do ... Failure helps guide us in the direction of what we should be doing to win.

In fact, this is something we learn at a very young age.

We learn that our failures aren't the end-all be-all ... They are actually the guardrails which keep us on track toward eventually winning.

Think about a baby that's just learning how to walk.

Do you think they give it a try...

Fall over...

Then decide they're just going to crawl the rest of their life?

Of course not. They fail repeatedly until they eventually get it right.

This is literally the ultimate lesson you can learn in life, and you learn it before you even know how to speak a sentence.

So how is it that we forget how important failure actually is?

How is it that we forget that failure is actually meant to help us?

How is it that we forget that failure is a necessary component to becoming successful?

I believe that fear of failure is something that is forcibly instilled in us by society as we get older...

But if you want to succeed in life...

Here's how you need to be looking at failure...

1. Look at Failure as an Investment in Your Education

Like I said earlier ... Failure is the greatest teacher.

So instead of thinking about failure as this bad thing you want to avoid at all costs...

Start recognizing the upside to failure ... You're going to learn what not to do.

...and learning what not to do is equally as important as learning what to do when it comes to success.

2. Look at Failure as a Moment

Far too many people sink their own ship by dwelling on their past failures.

Don't fall into the same trap.

You have to realize that failure is a definitive moment that you have to move past.

Extract the lesson and keep moving.

That's what champions do.

Recognize that your failures are low points that you can build from...

Not the nail in the coffin.

3. Look at Failures as Unavoidable

No matter what you do, you will never be able to avoid failure.

The sooner you can come to accept the fact that you're going to fall on your face ten thousands times...

The quicker you'll be able to get right back up and keep moving.

4. Look at Failure as Part of the Equation

Trying to create success without failure is the same thing as trying to bake a cake without sugar, butter, eggs, or an oven.

It's not possible.

Start thinking of failure as a step you have to take in order to be successful.

It's going to be much easier for you to pick up and move on when you do.

Failing is Not Failure

Every failure is an opportunity to guide you toward the right decisions, actions, and approach you need to be successful.

The sooner you recognize these opportunities in your failures...

The sooner you can turn these losses into major wins.

Start thinking about failure differently, and you will start to see just how much it serves you.

Keep the same attitude about failure, and not only will you make your life intentionally more difficult...

But you will also never attain true success.

Always remember this...

Failing is not failure.

Quitting is failure.

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