March 04, 2021 5 min read

You are capable of whatever you set your mind to

That’s a fact.

When you’re faced with challenges...

You have two choices:

You can either throw your hands up, pout, and scream about how “unlucky” you are or how “unfair” the circumstances are…

Or you can overcome and adapt.

The only person holding you back from building the life you want is you.

You just have to believe that you are capable, and overcome self-doubt.

Why You Doubt Yourself

Most of the time, self-doubt comes from failures, quitting, or a lack of action toward accomplishing difficult tasks.

At the end of the day, you need to understand that self-doubt comes from your unwillingness to embrace new challenges…

See those challenges through…

And prove to yourself what you are truly capable of.

You are your own worst enemy.

If you are struggling with self-doubt, it isn’t by accident.

Your decisions and actions have validated your feelings of self-doubt.

This doesn’t mean you should sit there and feel sorry for yourself…

Instead, you need to learn how to build your self-belief.

Why You Need to Get Over It

Of course, we all have days where we don’t feel confident in our ability.

Nobody is perfect, and there will be times where you’re going to feel like a fraud...

But just because we all feel this way from time to time doesn’t mean we should accept it.

When you wallow in your self-doubt ... that doubt turns to self-pity ... and that self-pity turns you into someone who never gets anything done.

What can be accomplished when you’re sitting around whining and casting the blame on external factors?

You aren’t incapable, and nothing and no one is keeping you from improving … so quit selling yourself that sob story.

7 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

1. Make a list of daily tasks that will give you a sense of pride when you accomplish them


Make a list.

Don’t get this confused with a checklist…

These are not chores like doing your laundry, running errands, or cleaning your dishes…

These tasks should be oriented around your goals and your personal development.

It can be things like answering 10 more emails than you normally do…

Spending an extra 30 minutes working out…

Reading 10 pages of a personal development book…

The point is…

When you are disciplined to completing these tasks...

You will feel proud of yourself for taking care of them.

If you focus on completing 5 critical tasks every single day…

You’ll start to build momentum.

This is a strategy I’ve used to help build my self-belief, confidence, discipline, and business goals over the past 20+ years...

I call it The Power List.  You can learn more about it Here.

It is one of the best ways to dismiss your feelings of self-doubt.

2. Start addressing your weaknesses

Everyone has different talents…

I get that.

But if something you are horrible at is giving you a sense of self-doubt…

You should work to get better in that area by putting in the effort and time.

As you start to make progress, and get better at the things you struggle with the most…

You will build an overwhelming sense of confidence.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

You might be good at one thing, and your friend is good at something else.

So what?

That does not make you any less capable than them.

Also, with the illusion that social media paints for all of us...

You may be comparing yourself to something that isn’t real.

The only way you’ll overcome self-doubt is by comparing who you were yesterday to who you are today.

Are you getting better?

Or ... are you getting worse?

Understand that you are an ongoing project.

When you’re focused on improving yourself...

You’re going to be making more significant progress, and you’ll quickly eliminate self-doubt as a result.

4. Stop asking others for validation

The keyword in self-doubt is “self.”

If you’re constantly looking to other people to feel good about yourself, when you find yourself alone, chances are you might feel like shit.

So stop asking other people for compliments, and start looking for acceptance from yourself.

It’s the only validation that matters anyway.

Understand that you are going to mess up.

I’ll say it again...

You’re not perfect ... no one is.

And while you should always be working to get better, you will slip up and hit bumps in the road.

When you do, instead of beating yourself up for it…

Acknowledge the mistake you made, commit to do better, then make it happen.

5. Learn the difference between criticism and hate

While it is important to take criticism for your personal growth and success...

There will be a lot of people who try to drag you down for no reason other than to feel good about themselves.

You need to identify who is giving you advice that will actually help you improve...

And who is just trying to put you down.

Take the criticism to heart, and go to work on improving.

Let the hateful comments go in one ear… and out the other.

Their words are a reflection of their own insecurities and the way you make them feel.

6. Be authentic

If you feel like you genuinely don’t like who you are, it’s time to make a few adjustments.

Decide exactly who it is you want to be, and identify how you can take steps to make that happen.

Never dim your shine for the acceptance of others…

And never be afraid to display who you truly are.

7. Take a look around you

Are your friends your biggest obstacle ... or your biggest advantage?

You have to be very selective with who you surround yourself with.

If these people are a constant nag…

Question your goals and ambitions…

...and take jabs at you...

You need to replace them.

When your friends encourage your growth and progress toward your goals...

Instead of filling yourself with more self-doubt…

You are getting the positivity and reinforcement you need to build your self-belief and confidence.

Another Tool to Snap Yourself Out of It

Sure, we all experience a little dip in our confidence from time to time.

But it’s your responsibility to overcome that, and push yourself to get better.

It’s all because of you.

On the days where you feel like throwing a pity party … you need to snap out of it and take action.

Still feeling stuck?

Listening to some podcasts about the topic will help a ton...

Or you can check out my mental-toughness program, 75 HARD, for the exact blueprint to strengthen your self-confidence and discipline, while overcoming self-doubt.

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