February 16, 2021 7 min read

You are capable of so much more than you think is possible right now.

The only problem is you haven't developed the skills necessary to take control of your life, and dictate your own success through your actions.

This program, 75 HARD, is designed specifically to help you develop these skills. So, what is the 75 HARD program?

What is 75 HARD?

75 HARD is the only program that can permanently change your life ... from your way of thinking, to your health, to the level of discipline you approach every single task in front of you with.

This is about mental toughness.

75 HARD will show you how to 100x the following traits in your life...

• Confidence
• Self-esteem
• Self-worth
• Fortitude
• Grittiness
• Discipline

You are in complete control ... and if you choose to follow this program with ZERO compromises & ZERO substitutions ... you will change your life forever.

Through 75 HARD, you'll learn how to:

• Make huge strides in your career & have a job that you are proud of

• Feel completely confident about yourself and your actions

• Learn how to manage your day, so you can get more done and quit wasting time on meaningless things

• Develop amazing relationships with the people who matter most in your life

• Gain independence and the ability to take complete ownership of projects & tasks

• Completely overhaul the way you think and act

• Become honest with yourself and gain the self-awareness to stay on track

You'll also be in the best physical shape of your life as a result of the mental transformation you have made!

Over 100,000 people from all over the world have completed 75 HARD.

Endless stories roll in every single day from people who've completely changed their life.

They've become better leaders at work.

They've become better mothers & fathers.

They've increased their income.

They're more confident in themselves.

They've made massive physical transformations as a result of the mental transformation.

They've taken complete control of their lives ... and the changes they've made are permanent.


Completing 75 HARD takes the execution of five simple tasks ... every day ... for 75 days ... with ZERO COMPROMISES & ZERO SUBSTITUTIONS.

And if you mess up on ANY task, at any time during the 75 days of 75 HARD ... you start over at Day 1.

It doesn't matter if you're on Day 2 or Day 74 ... if you fail to complete a task, you must restart 75 HARD completely.

With the 75 HARD App ... you can set reminders for your daily tasks, track your progress, and take notes about your experiences throughout the program.

75 HARD App

Here are the 5 critical tasks that you MUST complete on a daily basis...

75 HARD Rules

Task #1: Follow a Structured Diet

You must follow a diet geared toward YOUR GOALS ... and follow it for 75 days with zero deviations, zero excuses, zero alcohol, and absolutely NO CHEAT MEALS.

Your diet can be whatever you want it to be (Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, etc.) ... as long as it is aligned with your goals.

This task is meant to cultivate extreme discipline that you can transfer to all areas of your life, but it only works if you follow it EXACTLY for 75 days, without deviation.

While this is the most difficult rule of 75 HARD for most people, task #1 will help you gain control of every decision you make, in any situation you find yourself in.

Plus, as a byproduct of actually following a structured diet for 75 days, you will be in the best physical shape of your life ... but that's far from the purpose of this program.

Task #2: Two 45-minute workouts (1 must be outside)

You must complete two workouts each day during 75 HARD.

Both of these workouts must be a minimum of 45 minutes long, and one of the two workouts MUST BE OUTSIDE.

Regardless of the weather or circumstances you find yourself in, if you fail to complete at least one outdoor workout each day ... you must restart 75 HARD.

The type of workout doesn't matter.

You can run, lift weights, do a cross-training workout, go for a walk, or even do yoga.  As long as you're getting up and getting your body moving with the intent to get better, it counts.

Throughout 75 HARD, task #2 will teach you the ability to control what you can control, while not making excuses about what you can't control ... because the job has to get done no matter what.

By learning this skill, you can increase your value in all areas of your life ... as you will be someone who "gets things done" ... rather than making excuses for why you can't.

Task #3: Drink a gallon of water

Drinking a gallon of water each and every day will teach you discipline, and that sometimes in life the simplest tasks are the hardest ... but you can't let them slip through the cracks.

It doesn't matter how simple or easy a task is to complete ... you've got to find a way to get it done ... every time.

In addition to the mental benefits that task #3 is designed for, drinking a gallon of water is just good for you.

It's something you should be doing every day for the rest of your life ... whether you're completing 75 HARD or not ... as it is good for both your physical AND mental health.

Task #4: Read 10 pages

Task #4 is designed to teach you a habit that will benefit you greatly from now, until the day you die.

You must read something that is non-fiction, educational, and can be used to improve any area of your life.

Whether it be about entrepreneurship, personal development, or a job/career related topic ... you must read AT LEAST 10 pages each and every day.

That does not mean you can't read more than that, but you must read a minimum of 10 pages.

You must physically read those pages ... meaning audiobooks DO NOT COUNT toward your 10 pages for the day.

I've been reading every day for the last 21 years ... and had I been reading at least 10 pages/day before that, I would without a doubt be further ahead in life than I am right now.

Use every reading session as an opportunity to sharpen your skill set ... and take complete control of your life.

Task #5: Take a progress picture

If you truly follow this program to a T, you will be able to look back and see how far you've come and what you've done.

In the beginning, it'll be hard to take your picture ... trust me, I know.

People don't like being uncomfortable...

Which is what makes this task so important.

Because while taking a picture is actually a very simple task ... it teaches you to push through those uncomfortable moments or situations, and get the job done.

It also teaches you that EVERY detail matters, as small and insignificant as it may seem at the time ... and you can't forget about them, because that is what separates successful people from everybody else.

For a completely detailed breakdown of the 75 HARD program, each critical task, my experiences while completing 75 HARD, helpful tips and takeaways that can help you take control of your life forever, and everything you need to know to master mental toughness ... check out my book, THE BOOK ON MENTAL TOUGHNESStoday.


I speak from experience when I say that dedicating this relatively short amount of your life to developing skills you can use to dominate whatever it is that you want in life ... is 1000% worth every bit of effort that goes into it.

You will learn to believe that you can accomplish big things ... and to dream bigger than you've ever imagined.

Through each difficult situation that you face during 75 HARD, you will earn a respect for yourself and your abilities ... that can only be earned in the mental and physical battles that you'll face during this program.

You can push yourself exponentially further than you've ever thought you were capable of.

That's why the goal of this program is not to teach you how to deal with each situation ... but to help you develop the skill to take control of any situation you find yourself in ... and own it.

If you complete all 75 days, EXACTLY how I lay it out for you in the 75 HARD program ... I guarantee that you will have the skills to significantly improve the rest of your life.

75 HARD will help you develop character traits that you cannot buy ... traits that you can only earn ... traits that can change your life forever ... in just 75 days.

Can Anyone Do 75 HARD?

75 HARD is designed to benefit anyone looking to take complete control of their life ... no matter what your starting point is.

It's a transformative mental toughness program that can be scaled for ANYONE.

Winning at life is not about running as fast as you can, as hard as you can ... 24 hours a day.

It's about pulling yourself off the ground to go an extra step ... and doing it over and over and over and over again.

When you have that confidence and the traits that you develop through the program, you become indestructible ... you have something that others don't, that others haven't earned yet.

It might take you 100 tries, but I promise ... if you complete this program exactly how it is designed, you will have the tools to become a completely different person ... and you can change your life forever.

This program is for anyone willing to commit to change ... and take on what could be the hardest 75 days of their life.

75 HARD is not easy, but it is NECESSARY to gain the skills you'll need to take complete control of your life!

So, what is 75 HARD?

75 HARD is your ticket to becoming a better, stronger, more driven version of yourself.

75 HARD is for you.

Get started today.

Andy Frisella is an entrepreneur, bestselling author,  highly sought after consultant and public speaker. Andy is the industry leading expert at customer loyalty, creating fanatical culture and building brick-and-mortar and online direct-to-consumer retail businesses. He has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur & Forbes Magazine.  From 2015-2019 he hosted The MFCEO Project, the #1 business and success podcast in the world. On his popular new podcast, REAL AF with Andy Frisella, he and his guests discuss, debate and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. Andy is also the creator of the 75 HARD program.


#75HARD: A Tactical Guide To Winning The War With Yourself

I've spent more than 25 years figuring out how to master mental toughness and I've put everything I've learned into a program called 75 HARD. In today's episode, I tell you what it's all about and how to 100x skills such as confidence, self-belief, discipline, grittiness & completely transform your life.

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