February 23, 2021 2 min read

Life is hard. That’s a fact.

When you get beaten down, discouraged, or fail, you have a decision to make.

Are you going to take those failures and give up?

Are you going to pack it up and go home?

Or will you choose to be tenacious?

The Definition Of Tenacity

Maybe you don’t know what “tenacious” means … and that’s part of the problem.

So let’s break it down...

We won’t even have to open up a dictionary for this.

Tenacity is the quality of being very determined or persistent. It’s that attitude that no one is going to stop you.

Essentially, the measure of your tenacity is your personal determination.

Why Is Tenacity So Important?

So what’s the big deal?

Tenacity separates the successful from the lucky.

Your chances for success skyrocket when you have the habits of a winner. Tenacity is the culmination of determination, courage, and resilience.

The tenacious have grit...

They’re tough...

They don’t get scared by obstacles...

So, when the tenacious set their minds to something, they accomplish it. Instead of running away at the first sign of trouble, people with tenacity hold their ground.

But being tenacious isn’t just about choosing not to give up...

It’s about not taking no for an answer.

Since tenacity and persistence go hand in hand, together they are the key to any goal that you set for yourself.

Whether you want to gain some muscle, get that promotion, or develop that new habit, it all starts with that persistence and tenacity.

Get Back Up Again

You might fall into some luck and accomplish something without being a tenacious person...

But you’ll never consistently win if you don’t develop tenacity.

Choose to be more than just lucky.

Choose to develop the habits that make you a winner.

There are several habits that together, help you accomplish anything in life. Tenacity is just one of them. Developing the characteristics of a successful person all begins with the commitment to grow.

If you’re looking for a way to develop these characteristics, check out 75 HARD, my transformative mental toughness program. 75 HARD will help you finally become that person you’ve always wanted to be.

Nothing ever goes according to plan, and if you don’t learn to adapt now, you’ll fall flat on your face when the going gets tough.

You have to be tenacious in order to win.


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Have you completed 75 HARD with zero substitutions and zero compromises? If so, you've noticed an increase in your confidence, self-esteem, fortitude, grit, and you do not want to revert to your old habits. So what's next? Andy shares the phases following 75 HARD in the LIVE HARD program that will help you in your pursuit to reach your full potential.

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