April 08, 2022 2 min read

Everybody has their own definition of success...

...and what success means to them.

...and that's okay...

As long as it's what they truly believe in their heart.

I define success as: the constant pursuit of your own true potential.

The truth is, your potential is not capped...

It evolves as you do.

That means to be truly successful in life, you have to always be pursuing the best possible version of yourself.

That's why your success is never final.

You will never reach your maximum potential...

But you must consistently work to improve yourself if you want to truly be successful.

Your Goals And Dreams Will Evolve

The goals you have at the beginning of your journey will likely not be the goals you have long-term.

When you commit yourself to excellence and make progress on your potential…

You’ll start to think bigger…

You’ll start to dream bigger…

You’ll start to set bigger goals…

...and you’ll start to uncover the things you truly want in life.

It’s all a natural part of your progression along your personal success journey.

When you achieve the goals you originally set out to achieve, you’ll want more.

The journey never truly has an endpoint.

The more you accomplish, the more you’ll push to do even more.

Your goals will constantly be evolving...

And that's a good thing.

That's how you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Never Become Complacent

If you want to do something extraordinary in life, your foot has to be on the gas at all times.

The minute you take a step back...

Kick your feet up...

Slow down...

Or start thinking you've made it...

You'll start to lose.

My point is ... complacency kills.

Most people will become complacent as soon as they stack up a few small wins.

Truly successful people understand that the work is never done.

In fact, they wouldn't want it to be anyway.

They use those small wins as fuel to continue pushing forward, and achieving more.

Real entrepreneurs and highly successful people are in it for life.

And they have a firm grasp on the concept that today's success is never the end-point.

How To Keep Going

Most people are so desperate to get to the destination that they lose sight of what matters most...

The journey.

That's not to say that having goals isn't important...

Successful people all have goals and a purpose that they work toward every day...

They have something bigger than themselves that helps them stay accountable to constantly improving.

It's important to have a purpose behind your daily actions...

Success comes from the consistent repetition of monotonous tasks over a long period of time.

These tasks will get boring quickly if you don't have a reason for doing them in the first place.

Your Journey Never Ends

This concept is simple...

When you’re truly committed to yourself and your personal development…

The journey is not one that ends.

The road to success is infinite, because your maximum potential will never truly be met.

Success is not final.

Keep pushing forward, and never let up.

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