June 02, 2021 3 min read

There’s only one way to truly lead people...

The way is to lead by example.

Many people claim to do this…

And to some extent, they may.

But they aren’t setting an example of true excellence…

...and most "leaders" aren’t holding the line.

If you want to be a great leader, you have to lead by example ... the right way.

Here are 3 things you need to do if you want to excel as a leader:

1. Raise Your Personal Standards

All great leaders understand that if they don’t hold themselves to a high standard…

They won’t be able to hold others to a high standard either.

You can be “doing it”...

But if your version of putting in the work is doing the bare minimum that is required of you…

You are setting that standard for anyone else who follows your lead.

Plus, if you expect others to do something that you wouldn't do yourself...

They will not respect you, and they will not listen to you.

You have to demand excellence of yourself first.

Hold yourself accountable to performing to this standard...

...and your personal standards will transition to the people that you lead.

The success of your team depends on it.

2. Quit Tolerating Mediocrity

The small things you are willing to let slide by in your life will be reflected in the people you lead as well.

If you’re okay with walking over a piece of trash on the ground…

Then you're willing to tolerate someone else’s lack of effort.

If you’re okay with skipping your workouts when you don’t feel like it…

Then you’re willing to tolerate someone else’s excuses.

By tolerating these little things, you are giving the people you lead wiggle room to cut corners as well.

Leading an effective team requires zero compromising on your values ... period.

3. Hold The Line

Understand that leading by example is only half the battle.

As a leader, you have to communicate with the people around you honestly.

It’s the only way you’ll build the trust and respect of the people you lead.

If you see them cut a corner…

Call them out.

If you see them performing under their potential…

Call them out.

At first, most people are going to hate you for it.

When you hold the line, they won't like it ... especially since you're telling them they're not doing something up to the standard.

But regardless, you have to tell the truth.

You can't just live it ... you have to look at the people around you and demand that they operate at the level you're operating at.

When you let people coast, and try to "be nice", they won't respect you.

When you hold people accountable, and you make the people around you better, they may not like you today, tomorrow, or next week...

But down the road, they will appreciate you for holding them to a higher standard.

Start Leading By Example

Leadership is a key component to your success in life.

After all, you can’t accomplish anything meaningful on your own.

Are you holding yourself to a high standard and never compromising?

Are you refusing to tolerate mediocrity amongst the people you lead?

Are you holding the people around you to a high standard and demanding excellence from them?

If you’re missing any of these things, then you are failing as a leader.

If you truly want to be a great leader...

You have to lead by example and hold the line.

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