April 28, 2022 3 min read

Most people are too caught up in the mentality of “talent.”

Let me explain what I mean…

Many of us have these big dreams, big goals, and things that we want to accomplish…

But most of you turn around and say stuff like this…

“If only I had the same talent that person has.”

Or “I wish I could do what they do.”

You may see a professional athlete and say, “Wow, that guy is a really talented football player.”

You may see a professional musician and think, “They are so talented and amazing at what they do.”

But what you don’t see and don’t understand ... is the amount of time, energy, and effort they put into their craft to get to that point.

Are they talented?


Are there freaks of nature who have natural abilities for specific things?


But, the vast majority of the world has the same talent as you…

So, to think that you can make anything of yourself with talent alone is foolish.

Hard work beats talent.

Quit Pointing At Talent

When you look at others who are more successful and further along in their journey than you are, you have to understand something very important…

When you point the finger at talent, instead of the choices that these people made to dedicate themselves to the process for a long time…

You’re missing the boat, and negatively affecting your progress.

Let me explain…

When you point to talent instead of hard work, you are talking negatively about yourself.

You do this by indirectly implying that you don’t have the skills to do what they do…

…and that’s just not the truth.

The real reason you don’t have the same skills is because you didn’t put in the time and hard work they did.

That’s the only reason.

So, make the choice.

Choosing The Hard Work

Your choices matter much more than talent ever will.

You have to make the day-to-day decisions…

You have to do the things that need to be done…

You have to practice what needs to be practiced…

You need to work out when you need to work out…

Making these daily decisions is the difference between people who just talk about doing things, and people who actually accomplish what they set out to accomplish.

The people who become great at their craft are simply making the choice to execute.

You have what it takes.

You have the opportunity.

You have the tools.

…and you have a choice.

Make the right one.

“But Andy, I don’t know what needs to be done.”

Yes you do.

Doing what needs to be done is instinctive.

Make your mind up…

Make a decision…

…and if it turns out to be the wrong decision…

You’re going to learn what not to do, which will help guide you to make the right choice in the future.

Then, you’ll become the educated, smart, and “talented” person you're working so hard to be.

Your Life Is A Choice

Quit making excuses…

Quit saying other people have talent…

Quit looking at other people and saying, “Well, I don’t have what they have.”

You have the opportunity to make the right choices every day…

So quit pointing at talent and understand this…

Hard work beats talent.

Every time.

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