Talent Alone Doesn't Cut It

September 04, 2020 1 min read

Andy working out

A big misconception in society…

Is that most people think having talent is required to succeed in life.

But, I see a lot of talented people who just take it easy and don’t amount to much.

They think their talent is a magic wand they can just wave in the air…

And they will have all of their dreams fulfilled.

Maybe that’s true in a fairy tale…

But not in real life.

You have to understand the difference between talent and skill.

Talent is something you may have built-in…

But real skills are developed by tirelessly working to master your craft.

It all comes down to how much effort you are willing to put into achieving your goals…

How much are you willing to sacrifice?

How much blood, sweat, and tears will you put into making your vision come to life?

Because in the cut-throat competitive world that we live in…

The people who work their asses off will always beat those who rely solely upon their talents.

This has always been the case…

...and it will always be the case.

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