June 27, 2023 5 min read

I see a lot of extremely bright and capable people who fall short of their potential because they don't have a sharp, relentless focus.

You can work hard…

You can have all the tools…

You can have all the discipline…

You can have all the resources…

But if you spread your focus too thin, or don’t have the proper focus to begin with … you won’t produce a result.

The results you produce are the only thing that matters.

I’m not talking about focus in the sense of staying awake or not procrastinating.

If that’s what you struggle with, spending time every single day to strengthen and optimize your mind and body will solve these problems 99% of the time.

I’m talking about focus in terms of your commitment to a single goal or outcome.

The most elite, successful people on this planet all understand how important your focus is.

Your focus determines your reality.

Why Staying Focused Is Important For Success

None of us are born with a sharp and refined focus.

But if you truly want to become successful in life, you have to stay focused on one or two things you’re really good at. Those one or two things are ultimately what will mature and provide the results you are looking for.

You will never gain any real traction if you allow your focus to move from one “opportunity” to the next.

The truth is, the world is full of opportunity. But, the only way you’ll make something out of any opportunity is by giving it your committed and unwavering focus over the long-term.

Whether you're running your own business or working within a business ... these 3 tips will help you hone in your focus and reach your long-term goals.

Tip #1 - Stay Focused On Providing Value

The first point I want to make may sound completely unrelated to "focus" ... but I promise you, it has a real and practical application to your success in business and life.

Far too many people are solely focused on their own personal gain in any given situation.

…and because they’re so focused on what’s in it for them…

They actually keep themselves from achieving their goals.

Being focused on money and personal gain is also a sign that you haven’t gone all in and committed to making your goals a reality.

The minute an opportunity to make more money in the short-term comes along, you’ll hop on it immediately.

You have to understand that by doing this, you’re taking yourself away from your original path. This will literally guarantee that you will never be truly successful long-term.

Instead of focusing on money and what you can take … stay focused on what you can give.

Success is a value game, and it's won by providing the most amount of value possible.

If you want to take care of yourself, you have to get really good at taking care of others.

Trust me … what you give is exactly what you’ll get for yourself.

The sooner you can form this connection in your brain…

The sooner you’ll begin to see things come to fruition for you.

Tip #2 - You Have to Change Your Mindset About Opportunities

Most people live their entire lives in a constant cycle of moving from thing to thing to thing.

They’ll spend 2-3 years in their current position…

Start to feel “burned out”...

Then when a new opportunity comes along … they quit and move on.

Only, there’s a massive problem with this...

When you’re always quitting and starting over, you can’t reap the reward of your compounding efforts in anything.

A lot of people will even bounce from thing to thing because they’re worried that if they don’t … the other opportunity is going to “pass them up.”

If you have these same feelings ... you have to start thinking about opportunity differently.

All winners understand that opportunity is abundant. There will never be a "shortage" of opportunity.

The reason you may think otherwise is because you don’t realize that opportunity is something you create through your effort and actions.

Nobody is going to come along and say “Hey, I’ve got a great opportunity for you.”

That may happen when you reach a certain level of success … but this is something that will never happen in the beginning.

Here’s my advice … keep your focus in one area.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t spread your focus too thin or constantly switch between what you give your focus to.

Doing so would be no different than planting a seed … watering it for a week … wondering why it didn’t grow … then moving on and planting a new seed.

Stay focused on one thing.

Otherwise, you’ll never make it to the harvest.

Tip #3 - You Have to Be 100% Committed

It amazes me how many people go out to start a new business or a new career path and say “Well, I’ll try this out and see what happens.”


“I wonder if this opportunity will work out for me.”


“I hope I have some success with this.”

Anytime I hear these things, I automatically know these people won't make it.

The people who consistently win in business and life don’t wonder whether or not they are going to win.

They know they're going to win ... because they give themselves no other option but to win.

They are all in.

Before they even start, they are 100% committed to accomplishing what they say they are going to accomplish.

This is how they are able to maintain their focus long past the time they feel like quitting.

Why would you leave the opportunity in front of you up to chance, fate, or circumstance?

Go all in and don’t consider other options for even a second.

Only then will you maintain your focus.

Get Focused and Go Execute

When it comes to fine-tuning your focus…

You don’t need coffee…

You don’t need breaks…

You don’t need more sleep…

You don’t need to meditate…

You don’t need to train your brain

What you really need to is to go all in on the opportunity in front of you and focus on providing value.

The reason you struggle with staying focused is because you believe you have all these other options and an unlimited amount of time to pursue them.

Yes, you do have other options…

But that mindset is the very thing that’s keeping you from putting 100% of your focus and effort into one single thing to help you succeed in the long-term.

Execute on what’s in front of you and give yourself no other option.

Doing that will give you all the “focus” you’re looking for.

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