Are You Scared?

January 12, 2020 2 min read



All of us.

...and anyone who says they aren' lying.

Some of the people you admire may appear to be fearless from the outside...and some of them will claim to be on the inside too...but I guarantee you those people ARE THE MOST SCARED of them all!

Which is exactly why they push so hard day in & day out.

Relentless work ethic & drive has to be fueled by something and I’m going to tell you right, cars and material shit isn’t is the world’s greatest success fuel.

The fear is different for all of us...

For me...if you think I want to go back to sleeping on a piss-stained mattress...and working three other jobs to keep my business open, you're sorely mistaken...

I’m TERRIFIED of that...and I hope I always stay that way.

It fuels me to run harder, faster & longer than my competition.

Fear produces the relentlessness, tenacity & endurance needed to win.

You know that feeling when you take your garbage cans out at night and it’s pitch black and you turn around to go back inside and you feel someone standing right behind you, so you run inside as fast as you can and somehow...someway you run a hell of a lot faster than you normally would?

That’s how successful people go through life.

They don’t avoid the fear.

They learn how to leverage it to execute & produce at high levels.

They take their fear and use it as a trigger to take productive actions that bring you closer to your goal.

It’s a skill.

A valuable one.

And it starts with YOU acknowledging your own fears and accepting them instead of avoiding them.

Being scared isn’t only normal...’s a tremendous asset!

Be grateful for it.

Learn to utilize it properly.

Yeah, you’re scared.

So am I.

...except I'm proud of it.



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