April 18, 2019 2 min read


How can you develop the kind of mindset that goes all in, all the time? I’m talking about the mentality that can keep the pedal on the gas…to get optimal results…regardless of whether things are going great for you, or you’re slogging your way through tough times. My guest Jason Khalipa is a Crossfit icon & a hugely successful entrepreneur. He’s won competitions at the highest levels, made millions of dollars, & led his family through his little daughter’s brutal encounter with leukemia. Through ups & downs, he knows what it takes to consistently crush it in business & life.


00:00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's show
00:02:00 – An introduction to today's guest: Jason Khalipa
00:04:25 – How Jason got his start in fitness and business
00:06:45 – Why his mentality has origins in childhood
00:07:30 – How he started investing and believing in himself
00:08:50 – Why exercise built a strong foundation to help Jason overcome adversity in all areas of life
00:11:20 – The reason constructive feedback is the best gift your can give
00:13:00 – How Jason has used fitness to condition his strong mentality
00:15:30 – Why Andy has always lost when he goes down the easy path
00:18:00 – How Jason struggles motivating others to reach their full potential
00:19:45 – Why you should always be hedging for the worst possible outcome
00:21:30 – How his life was fundamentally changed when his daughter got sick and what he learned from that process
00:25:00 – Why adversity is the best possible teacher
00:26:20 – How Andy overcame getting stabbed in the face
00:32:15 – The story behind the AMRAP mentality
00:34:20 – Why you need a strong focus on whatever you're doing
00:35:25 – How to EARN your confidence through hard work
00:36:40 – Why you need to switch gears and reevaluate your focuses
00:38:30 – How their is no substitute for experience
00:40:45 – Why you must be humble if you ever want to be successful
00:43:30 – The right way to think about your victories and successes
00:46:20 – Why high achievers need to regularly check in with themselves
00:47:00 – How Jason uses experiences to celebrate milestones
00:49:10 – Why physical struggle builds real culture and community
00:53:00 – How physicality can be an opportunity to express vulnerability
00:56:30 – Why momentum makes things get easier faster
00:58:00 – How setting massive goals will help you stretch your limits
01:02:00 – The most important thing you need to understand about your character
01:05:00 – How Andy organically discovered the keys to success
01:07:00 – What motivates and excites Jason
01:11:00 – Building mental toughness: the core thesis behind 75 Hard


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