Do you feel alone? I’ve met thousands of people online & in-person who tell me they feel isolated & detached from average society because they personally have extremely high standards, a killer competitive attitude, & an over-the-top commitment to making the most of their lives...& it feels like nobody else does. The good news is there are others who are truly committed to excellence in everything they do. If you want to connect with them & be part of an incredible movement & family...take a listen to this podcast.


00:10 – Andy's recap of the Arete event in St. Louis

01:45 – Why Andy gives out so much valuable content for free 

02:45 – How he felt alone when he was building his business 

03:25 – Why humans are infinite sources of power 

05:00 – How Andy has always tried to bring authenticity to his content

06:10 – Why our culture has completely lost its way  

08:00 – The mantras and habits of losers in today's world 

08:30 – What successful people understand about the nature of real life 

09:15 – How life is about killing or being killed  

09:45 – Why history will never remember people who make excuses

11:30 – The one thing Andy is truly thankfully for 

13:00 – Why you are not alone, even if you feel like you are 

13:30 – How mental toughness is the foundation of long-term change

15:00 – Why loneliness is opportunity disguised

16:00 – How people feel more isolated than ever in today's world 

17:20 – Why you should separate yourself from the crowd 

18:10 – How being alone is an amplified feeling when you're successful

19:30 – Why you can't do it alone 

20:30 – The secret to Andy's long-term success 

23:30 – Why people are getting sick of what society is imposing on us  

24:15 – How this movement is aiming for domination  

25:10 – Why 0 to 100 is a family and a lifestyle

26:30 – How to properly use the hashtag to help build the community

28:30 – The rules of The MFCEO Power Play 

29:45 – Prizes for participants within the community

31:00 – How to become a part of the family 


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