April 26, 2019 2 min read


What if you could retrain your thought process to actually go the extra mile to the point where even if you were sleeping, your dreams would be driven by a sub-conscious commitment to excellence? I’ve actually experienced that & you can too. While everybody else is conditioning their minds to do the least that is still acceptable...YOU can condition your mind to do the most to WIN. You can actually become the person you want everybody to believe you really are.


00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's show 

00:30 – Why Andy has incurable insomnia  

01:20 – The core principles and skills behind 75 Hard  

02:10 – How to retrain your mind and build a strong foundation in life 

03:00 – Why you don't deserve to feel good if you don't earn it  

03:45 – How Andy has completely transformed his perspective and relation to reward

06:30 – Why most people attempt to do the least amount of work possible to succeed in life 

07:15 – How you can invest in your character and long-term success 

07:35 – Why you need to condition yourself to do the most you possibly can 

09:00 – The common misconceptions behind 75 Hard and other fitness challenges 

10:00 – How to increase your dominance every single day 

12:00 – Why you're probably not ready to succeed

12:30 – How to learn the right way to do things in life 

13:00 – Why difficult things become easier as you build momentum 

14:30 – The only way to fix your leaky bucket in life 

15:00 – Why you need to commit to change your life 

16:15 – How following through on this program is your obligation

16:35 – The core issues you're not solving right now 

17:00 – Why life is about cultivating the horse, not tricking out the cart


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