June 11, 2024 7 min read

All highly successful people have one thing in common...

...and no, it's not that they are more "lucky" or more talented than anybody else.

A lot of times, it's quite the opposite.

The answer is a skill that they've learned to build and harness to their advantage.

It's the single greatest skill required to win in anything and everything you do.

Can you guess what it is?

It's mental toughness.

Notice how I say these people learned to "build" mental toughness.

That's because mental toughness is not a skill you can inherit.

It's a skill that is forged in the flames.

If becoming successful and achieving your biggest goals in life is of interest to you...

Mental toughness is not optional.

But, what exactly is mental toughness ... and why is it important?

I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about the skill of mental toughness.

What it is...

Why it's important...

How to build it...

...and everything else you need to know to build and utilize this skill in every area of your life.

What is Mental Toughness?

Mental toughness is the single most important skill you need to build your ultimate life.

It's a mindset and level of mental mastery that must be built by keeping the promises you make to yourself.

It's the ability to consistently embrace and push through hardship.

It's being in control of your actions, regardless of what the weak voice in your head has to say.

It's executing no matter what the conditions are, and no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

It's being in complete control.

...and by building mental toughness...

You will be able to see your goals through to the end and create massive success.

That's why mental toughness is important.

But, why else?

Why is Mental Toughness Important?

Here are what I consider to be the top 4 benefits of mental toughness...

1. Mental Toughness Builds Confidence

What most people fail to realize is the fact that real confidence is earned.

...and earning confidence is not possible without mental toughness.

Most of what you'll hear or see on the internet says otherwise.

They say confidence is a choice...

Or that confidence is something you must embrace...

Or that confidence can be built through positive affirmations or mantras.

That's BS ... and you know it too.

Confidence is not some feel-good level of enlightenment that we all deserve.


Confidence is built through consistently executing on the promises you make to yourself.

It's being able to look at yourself in the mirror and loving the person who looks back at you.

How can you look at yourself and be proud if you've given yourself nothing to be proud of?

Confidence is earned.

Mental toughness just happens to be the skill that can help you develop confidence. It gives you the resilience to see your goals through to the end.

Build mental toughness.

Confidence will come with it.

2. Mental Toughness Builds Self-Belief

Everybody understands the importance of execution when it comes to success.

What most people don't understand is the power of belief when it comes to success.

If you do not believe that your goals are possible for you...

They will not be.

You are sending the universe a message, and that message says, "I'm not capable of achieving my goals."

While I'm not here to give you a lesson on the importance of belief and expectation...

I can promise you this...

Without a strong sense of belief...

You will not accomplish anything of real significance in life.

Mental toughness is a skill that will help you create real conviction and belief in your ability to do the things you set your mind to.

By having the mental toughness to put in the work necessary to see progress regardless of the challenges you face...

The product will be an immense feeling of self-belief.

...Which can also lead to setting bigger goals and expectations for your life as a result.

Like confidence, you cannot lie to yourself.

You either believe in yourself because you've given yourself reason to...

Or you will have no belief at all.

P.S. Having "belief" in yourself before you've actually accomplished anything or made any progress is not true belief...

It's arrogance.

3. Mental Toughness Will Help You Overcome Any Obstacle

Life will present you with challenge after challenge 'til the day you die. This will never change.

What you must understand is that these challenges are preparing you for greater challenges in the future.

Each will help you build the resilience and skills necessary to put you on a path to true greatness.

This is where mental toughness becomes essential.

These struggles, obstacles, and challenges will continuously test your commitment.

A lot of times, you'll feel like quitting altogether.

Mental toughness is the skill you need to push through these challenges ... no matter how difficult they may be.

It's the resilience and uncompromising mindset that mental toughness gives you which will allow you to overcome these roadblocks.

Losers can't handle the pressure these challenges present.

Winners have the mental toughness to and perseverance to keep moving.

4. Mental Toughness Will Help You Go Much Further In Life

As a result of the benefits mental toughness can have for your confidence, self-belief, and perseverance ... It can also help you accomplish far more than you ever thought possible.

Most of us are looking to become the best version of ourselves and accomplish more.

Whether that's in your career...

Your business...

Your relationships...

Your fitness...

Or any other area of your life...

Mental toughness is required.

The truth is ... nothing worthwhile is easy.

With mental toughness, you'll be fully equipped to be successful in any area of your life.

...But it's still up to you to pour real intentional effort into these areas.

In a society filled with professional victims...

Be the person who accepts responsibility for your life and takes full control.

Build your mental toughness.

If you're wondering how to start

Here's what I recommend...

How Do You Build Mental Toughness?

Mental toughness is forged in the flames.

It's built by executing on the tasks that need to be done when you'd rather do anything else.

...but there are other ways you can build mental toughness as well.

Start here:

Create A Plan For Achieving Your Goals ... And Never Quit

Consider what your goals are...

Reverse engineer your goals into daily actions and habits...

Execute on these daily tasks...

...and never compromise.

This is a technique I've used for the majority of my life.

I call it The Power List.

I break apart my goals into 5 critical tasks every day. These tasks, I must complete every day to create positive momentum and build the habit of winning.

A huge component to developing mental toughness is by keeping these promises.

If you can train yourself to execute on your tasks...

No matter how monotonous they become, and no matter what challenges present themselves...

You will shape your mental toughness in an extremely productive and effective way.

You'll build far more mental toughness by executing when you don't feel like it as opposed to when you do.

Creating a game plan and adhering to it every day is an excellent way to do this.

Start there when it comes to building your mental toughness.

...and remember...

There can be 0 compromise.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone ... Consistently

As you build your mental toughness and become more effective at executing on your tasks...

What was once a challenge for you won't feel as difficult.

Do not get comfortable.

This is a sign that you can, and should, push yourself more.

As your tasks become habitual...

...and as you become mentally stronger...

You need to seek discomfort by raising the bar and adding new challenges or tasks to your plate.

That does not mean abandoning the tasks you've built into habits. Those must be maintained.

...But what you must understand is without pressure and without discomfort...

You cannot improve.

Mental toughness is built by leaning into hardship...

Leaning into the struggle...

Leaning into the discomfort.

If you want to build your mental toughness...

Make sure you are continually stepping outside of your comfort zone to do so.

That is precisely what is required to continue to build the skill of mental toughness.

Eliminate Your Excuses

Mental toughness also means the ability to own the conversations inside your head.

We all have a weak voice that lives inside our head.

It's this voice that tries to convince us to cut corners and shortchange our potential.

Don't listen.

Own the conversation.

Part of this will come from learning to identify this voice, and the excuses it presents you with.

When you can take action in spite of what this voice tells you ... you are building that control.

You're also building your mental toughness and resilience by choosing not to listen.

Use this voice as a trigger.

When an excuse pops into your head...

Recognize it as an opportunity to bury it 10 feet deep with your execution.

Controlling this conversation is a huge part of what will make mental toughness such a valuable skill in your life.

You will come to recognize just how much control you actually have.

It's up to you to stomp out these excuses as they come up.

Failure to do so will work against your ability to build true mental toughness.

Start Building Mental Toughness Now

When you develop a strong foundation of mental toughness...

You cannot be stopped.

Mental toughness puts you in control and gives you the strength necessary to accomplish anything you set out to do.

It's a skill that will give you the confidence, belief, and resilience to achieve greatness.

If you're not sure where to get started when it comes to building this skill...

I highly recommend you start 75 HARD.

75 HARD is the ultimate transformative mental toughness program ... and it's 100% FREE to do. Think of it as an ironman for your brain.

If you complete the program exactly as I designed it, with 0 compromise and 0 substitution, you and your life will never be the same again.

You can learn more and get started with 75 HARD here.

I also happen to know quite a bit about mental toughness.

Mastering mental toughness has been a lifelong goal of mine.

Through spending over 20 years building and studying this skill, I decided to write my book, The Book on Mental Toughness.

Consider it your complete guide to mental toughness, and how to implement it to your life. It can help you win at a massive scale.

Are you ready to create the life and success you've always wanted for yourself?

Get your copy of The Book on Mental Toughness here.

Apply the lessons, and watch as your life changes in ways you never imagined possible.

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