May 28, 2024 5 min read

Every single one of us experiences feelings of self-doubt.

It doesn't matter who you are...

It doesn't matter where you come from...

It doesn't matter what you know...

It doesn't matter what you've accomplished...

Self-doubt, and every other negative emotion you battle with...

They will always be present.

We tend to look at the people at the top of their game and assume they are invincible.

We assume that because they've gotten where they are...

Or because they've done what they've done...

That they don't have feelings of self-doubt.

...or that they don't have days where they struggle or have these feelings.

But I promise you...

All of them do.

All of them.

When it comes to self-doubt...

It's not about "solving" it.

It's about training yourself to overcome it over and over again until these feelings of self-doubt become less and less frequent.

That's what I'm going to teach you today.

I'm going to show you how to overcome self-doubt and these other negative feelings...

So you can go out and win.

But first, what is self-doubt?


Self-doubt can manifest itself in many different ways.

Self-doubt is a lack of confidence.

Self-doubt is a feeling of worthlessness.

Self-doubt is a feeling of being an imposter.

...but ultimately, self-doubt is a negative conversation you have inside your head that doubts your ability to execute.

You may doubt your ability to get in shape.

You may doubt your ability to win.

You may doubt your ability to accomplish the task at hand.

You may doubt your ability to create a successful relationship.

No matter what it is...

This feeling of self-doubt will never go away.

...and here's why...


Like I said...

The feeling of self-doubt will never go away.

It's normal ... and there's nothing wrong with you for having feelings of self-doubt.

That is something you must understand if you're going to move forward and overcome it.

Because self-doubt will present itself in several different situations.

It comes from the fear of failure.

It comes from commitment to a new plan or goal.

...but it ultimately comes from a lack of confidence and execution.

That also means there is only one real way to overcome self-doubt.

No ... It's not some BS spiritual journey or mantra.

It's one thing, and one thing only...


Let's talk about why that is, and how you can cultivate discipline to overcome your feelings of self-doubt.


If you're asking me how to deal with feelings of self-doubt...

Or if you're asking me how to completely eradicate any feelings of self-doubt or negative emotions in general...

I don't know.

But guess what...

Nobody else does either.

If anybody tells you any different ... Run.

Here's the problem. The problem is that you're trying to solve the wrong puzzle.

You're trying to get rid of these negative emotions and feelings before you take action.

That's not how this works ... and thinking otherwise will cost you everything.

I have been in business for over 25 years.

When I first started, I had feelings of self-doubt every single day. I felt like a fraud, and as if I had no real reason to be doing what I was doing ... because truthfully, I didn't know what I was doing.

But had I given in to these thoughts, I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today.

Today, I have multiple companies that are collectively valued over 9-figures.

What did I do when I had these feelings of self-doubt?

I executed.

Anytime I felt anxious...

Anytime I felt uncertain...

Anytime I felt like crap...

Anytime I felt frustrated...

Anytime I felt self-doubt...

I got out of my own way and learned to bury these thoughts through my discipline to executing on the things I knew I needed to do.

That's why discipline is so important.

Do I still have feelings of self-doubt? Sure.

But these feelings are few and far between.

Through discipline, you build confidence.

...and when you can train yourself to act in spite of self-doubt, or any other negative feelings and emotions, you are reprogramming your internal dialogue.

This is why I very rarely have feelings of self-doubt anymore.

Through discipline, I've built confidence in my ability to wake up and execute in spite of it.

Which is why you must understand one more thing...


Winning and success have nothing to do with whether you have self-doubt or not.

Literally nothing.

You know what does matter to your success? Execution.

It's the only thing that matters.

Not your feelings of self-doubt...

Not any other negative emotions you have...

Not your upbringing...

Not your "luck"...

It's execution.

Which brings us back to why discipline is so important for overcoming self-doubt.

If you do not execute discipline when these feelings of self-doubt arise ... You cannot win.

Especially in the beginning when these feelings are frequent, and you haven't built confidence in yourself and your execution...

You must discipline yourself to executing.

Do you know how many days I execute at a perfect level when I feel like total crap?

At least half of them.

Now, do I still have feelings of self-doubt?

Very rarely.

...and when I do these thoughts are very quickly discredited by the confidence I've built from my execution day in and day out.

The more you execute in spite of these feelings of self-doubt...

The less they will be present inside of yourself.

Remember that the next time you start to have self-doubt, or any other negative emotions.

There is only one way to overcome them...

...and that's by taking action, which requires discipline.

Fortunately for you, discipline is a skill that you can build to overcome self-doubt.

This is a skill all winners possess.

It's also a skill I can show you how to build.


How do you build the discipline to overcome self-doubt?

It's as simple as keeping the promises you make to yourself no matter what.

It really is that simple.

That doesn't mean it's easy.

So don't expect that.

Don't give in to your emotions.

Give yourself no other option but to execute.

Because if you can train yourself to execute in spite of self-doubt...

In spite of what anybody else says...

In spite of how you feel...

You are going to win.

It's math. It's adding win after win in terms of your days.

If you can win day after day and keep that streak going ... you will win.

Win enough days, and you win the week.

Win enough weeks, and you win the month.

Win enough months, and you win the year.

Win enough years, and you win in life.

Your feelings are literally irrelevant.

Whether you have self-doubt or not is literally irrelevant.

Overcome self-doubt with discipline to execution. That's what it takes.

If you're looking for a jumpstart to building the discipline and mental toughness required to do this ... I highly encourage you to start 75 HARD.

75 HARD is a 100% free program I created to help you develop mental toughness, and build all the skills you need to win in life, and overcome self-doubt.

These are skills such as discipline, confidence, mental fortitude, self-belief, and so much more.

Mental toughness is the single most important skill you can build in life.

That's why I wrote an entire book on it called The Book on Mental Toughness.

But regardless of whether you take advantage of these resources or not ... You need to execute.

That's how you'll overcome self-doubt.

That's how you'll build the discipline and confidence to build a life on your terms.

That's how you'll win.

Start 75 HARD now to build the discipline, confidence, and mental toughness required to overcome self-doubt.

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