This is Your Opportunity to Win

October 07, 2023 2 min read

Andy Frisella talking to someone  

We have never lived in a softer/weaker time for humans.

Everything is easy, convenient, and comfortable.

There are no repercussions for having a weak mind, body, and skillset.

Winning is vilified.

Victimhood is celebrated.

We can bitch about it...

…like “they” would.


We can be the example of what it looks like to be a driven, productive, contributing, high-standard human being.

...and we will be rewarded for it in every possible way.

Because of the soft, weak, victimhood mentality that has infested humanity...

The real savages have the biggest opportunity that has ever existed to win.

Definitely the best opportunity of my lifetime.

There has never been a better or more wide-open opportunity for you to go out and build the life of your dreams because most people have opted out.

They sit on the bench, waiting for a reward that's never coming.

Thinking that if they throw enough tantrums about life being “fair” … eventually they’ll get what they really want.

They won’t.


But, if you decide to go on this journey in this time in history...

The rewards will be bigger than they ever have been … because most people are just too fucking soft.

They have bought into false ideology and have a flawed understanding of reality.

Now is the time.

It’s the best chance you are gonna ever get.

Get off the bench and get in the fucking game.

Go win while everyone else complains and waits for someone to save them.

Then when they ask you how you did it…

…tell them the truth.

I guarantee you even after they see it with their own eyes right in front of their faces … they will still say you got lucky.

So don’t waste your thoughts or your breath.



Never look back.

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