Never Tolerate a Lower Standard

October 06, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to a group

If you tolerate a low standard...

You will struggle.

If you accept nothing less than the highest standard possible...

...and constantly work to improve upon that standard...

You will flourish.

This is exactly how it works...

...and it holds true in every single area of your life...

Your relationships…

Your health…

Your fitness…

…and your professional life.

By establishing a high standard and tolerating nothing less than that high standard...

Things will change for you very quickly.

Yes, it's hard as fuck.

Yes, you're going to be misunderstood.

Yes, it's going to be lonely in the beginning.

But I promise you...

It's worth it.

Saying "Yes" to a lower standard is no different than saying "No" to success.

Keep that in mind when you feel the urge to cave and tolerate anything that's less than what you truly want for yourself.

Your life is a direct reflection of what you're willing to tolerate.

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