October 22, 2015 3 min read

Episode Summary

Everyone believes the competition in business is fierce.  But if you think you face overwhelming odds, you're wrong.  According to Andy Frisella, only about two people in a hundred actually have what it takes to press on and finish what they started.  Will you join the 2 percent?

Episode Soundbytes

Success is Cause and Effect

"This is a constant thing I've noticed throughout my lifetime between successful people and pretenders. People who are successful learn that becoming successful is cause and effect. It's not magic. People who do not become successful believe there's a little success fairy that flies out of the sky and shits hundred dollar bills on people's heads for no fucking reason."

Most People are Pussies

"Most people are pussies. Miserable, excuse-making, underachieving, negative, bloodsucking: pussies."

People Will Pretend

"They're going to pretend to give an effort, they're going to pretend like they tried and they're going to talk about it for the rest of their life on that happy-hour bar stool on Tuesday at three o’clock in the afternoon.  They only did it for a fucking week. They didn't make a life out of it, and that's the difference."

Most of The People Will Quit

"When you're at the bottom of the mountain and there are a hundred people that are doing your business, seventy percent of those people will not be there in six months. Now, we have thirty people left in the same business that you're going to be in. Out of thirty, I'm going to say twenty people will start serious. They're going to try, they're going to fucking listen, they're going to learn, but the minute shit gets hard, the minute things go wrong, the minute their store gets broken into or vandalized, the minute they have a car accident, the minute they get sick, the minute an employee steals, the minute their company gets flooded—they're going to quit."

8 out of 10 people

"Let's take eight out of ten of those people. These guys get it okay. They're decent guys, they're hardworking guys, they're busting ass, they believe in themselves, and they believe in the dream. What they don’t do is attack the process on a daily basis. They are not mentally disciplined enough to execute every single day. When things get mundane, when things get boring, when things get routine, instead of becoming great and excelling and looking for ways to improve, they just kind of fade away.  They can take a major blow. What they can't take is The Grind. The same shit day in and day out. Executing at a hundred percent."


"You've got seventy percent pussies. You've got twenty percent, that, they're not total pussies but they can't handle the bad shit. You've got eight percent of the people who get it, but their attention to detail and execution fades overtime.  You're left with two percent, two people out of a hundred that started the same way you did."

It's a Battle of Not Quitting

"It’s a battle of not quitting. You have to understand that if you get up, go to work, educate yourself, improve, give nothing but your best effort and accept nothing but perfection, you cannot fucking fail. If you stop being a pussy and you stop playing business and you get serious and you start killing it on a daily fucking basis, you will be in the two percent by default."

Just Execute and Don't Quit

"Start realizing that all it takes is for you to execute and not quit, and you're going to become part of that two percent. You do that, you know what your chances of success are? A-hundred-fucking-percent. Now go be fucking great."


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