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It’s gut check time for entrepreneurs. Do you really want to run your own business or not? If it’s not in your DNA, you are unlikely to succeed. In this episode of the MFCEO Project, Andy Frisella tells you how you can really tell you’re an entrepreneur to the core–or not.

Do you want to be standard, typical, and ordinary?

Andy says there’s nothing wrong with wanting a standard life or an ordinary job.  Good people do typical things.  But if that’s what you want, you are not an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs want to be great.  They want to do something that is rare.  They care about making “a huge dent in the universe.”

Do you prefer the struggle of success to the safety of mediocrity?

Owning your own business is a struggle.  There’s risk involved, and uncertainty.  If you are not someone who embraces – and even loves these things (at times) – then you are probably not an entrepreneur to the core.

Do you want to be “in charge” for the right reasons?

A true entrepreneur doesn’t want to be “in charge” to be the boss, so he/she can push people around.  A true entrepreneur wants to be in charge because of the freedom to pursue YOUR vision – no one else’s – and to build something great according to YOUR dreams.

Are you motivated by money or by wanting to be fucking great and WIN?

Nothing wrong with money, Andy says.  But if that’s your ultimate motivation, you are not really an entrepreneur to the core.  True entrepreneurs are motivated by the desire to create, to build something great, and to fucking win.

These insights and more!

These are the questions Andy covers in this episode.  But the conversation also covers the importance of having entrepreneurialism in your DNA, why today is the easiest time to be an entrepreneur, and more!



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