June 06, 2018 2 min read

Wednesday, June 6 – Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett, entrepreneurs and social influencers who have both built 9-figure businesses, have announced a joint venture named Arete Syndicate. As Frisella explains, Arete Syndicate is an “exclusive, invite-only society for over-achieving entrepreneurs” that was created to help men and women “take control and dominate every area of their lives.” Mylett explains that Arete Syndicate is intended to “provide community and a roadmap for success and wealth taught by people who have already traveled that journey.”

Arete Syndicate's Mission

The name Arete Syndicate refers to “arête,” the ancient Greek word for “excellence,” which originally referred to war-like valor on the battlefield, but eventually evolved to refer to the general quality of “superiority or greatness” and could be applied to any area of life. 

While Arete Syndicate promises to help members master excellence in general, the three focal points are scaling a business to 9-figures, developing the habit of setting and surpassing momentous personal goals, and maximizing one’s influence to impact the world for good and leave a positive legacy.

Other ideals promoted and developed by Arete Syndicate are mental toughness, peak physical performance, and the mastery of social skills and interpersonal influence.

Arete Syndicate Admission

Those accepted to Arete Syndicate get exclusive access to both Frisella and Mylett.  They will work one-on-one with both, as well as other extremely successful entrepreneurs in their network. In addition, they will join both men and other members in person at private Arete Syndicate summits/events throughout the year with elite trainers, educators, and the leaders that shape the current world of business.

Secrecy of Arete Syndicate

An intriguing aspect of The Arete Syndicate is its secrecy. 

“Due to the exclusive nature of the society,” Frisella says. “specific details of events and activities, as well as additional benefits, are reserved for initiated members.” 

Prior to initiation, members of Arete Syndicate must formally pledge to keep information 100 percent confidential.

“We’re not trying to be secretive just for the hell of it,” Frisella says.  “The reasons for secrecy is that we want the highest quality people who show an extreme level of commitment.” 

“Ed and myself are 1000 percent invested in helping people succeed,” Frisella says. “But we only want to work with people who trust us and are willing to go all in. If they are willing to keep the things we say and do together totally confidential, to me … that shows the kind of trust and commitment we’re looking for in Arete Syndicate.”

Apply to Arete Syndicate

Click here to learn more and apply to Arete Syndicate. Enrollment opens and closes a few times a year, but applicants can fill out an application to be considered whether enrollment is open or not.


Arete: The Heart of 100-0

“In God We Trust.” An Eagle. The Greek heroes Achilles and Odysseus. The Roman hero Aeneas. Wealth. Excellence. Impact. Legacy. The MFCEO Project. 100-0….and YOU. What do all these things have in common?

In this episode, Andy answers that question,identifies the driving force behind the 100-0 movement,explains what’s at stake, andissues a challenge. Listen like your life depends on it  – because it does.


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