June 26, 2024 6 min read

The biggest difference between the people who win in life and the people who don't comes down to daily execution.

Success is not complicated.

It's actually a very simple equation.

It's inputs and outputs.

You've only been made to think differently so you can be sold a program or "daily routine for success" from someone on the internet.

What you must understand is that these people are only popular on the internet.

...and if you took inventory of their life...

You'd quickly realize they haven't built anything of significance.

They don't plan on it either.

But you do ... Which is why you're here searching for the answers.

Believe it or not, you already have everything you need to be successful.

There is no "daily routine for success."

It's the daily commitment to the relentless pursuit of your potential and executing on the tasks necessary to produce a result.

That's it.

That's what separates the people who win in life from those who don't.

The people who win make this commitment.

They show up every single day and execute on the necessary tasks.

That's their input.

The output is success.

This will be exactly the same for you too.

So, do I have a secret "daily routine for success"?

No. I don't.

Neither does anybody else.

But I can show you what I've done personally to create massive wins in my life.

It's not about routine.

It's about daily execution.

My Top Secret "Daily Routine For Success"

There is no secret.

That's the answer you've been looking for.

There's no book...

No hack...

No blueprint...

No shortcut...

...and no morning routine that's going to act as a magical catalyst for your success and getting you wherever it is you're trying to go.

Speaking of morning routines...

Do I think they're a bad thing?

No. I don't think that at all.

I wake up every morning and express gratitude while I'm brushing my teeth.

I also enjoy doing a cold plunge and think it can be a great way to start the day.

But the idea that there is any sort of morning routine or daily routine for success is absurd.

Quite honestly ... It's overcooked.

I wake up every day and focus on execution.

You should too.

It's the only thing that matters.

If you're wondering what that's going to look like for you...

I would start by considering what you're working toward.

Your Daily Routine Should Come From Your Goals

Your daily routine for achieving success should stem from whatever it is you're looking to accomplish.

It doesn't even need to be a routine.

Most of the time, that won't even be possible.

Instead, it's should be a list of critical, high-priority tasks that are going to help you make progress.

Take your biggest goals in life.

They can be personal.

They can be professional.

...but they should be massive goals. The ones that are in your heart that you're too scared to tell anybody else about out of fear of being ridiculed and laughed at.

Those are your real goals.

Take them and think about what milestones you would need to hit every year to reach them.

Then break it down into months.

Then weeks.

Then days.

Choose 5 of the highest-priority items you must take action on.

These actionable steps you can take every single day are what I call your critical tasks.

Write them down every single day and execute them to the highest level possible.

That's what it takes.

It takes executing on these tasks in a relentless and uncompromising way every single day.

What Are Critical Tasks? What Do They Look Like?

No ... There isn't a daily routine for success.

Yes ... There are things you need to do every single day to become successful and win.

These are your critical tasks.

They are the 5 highest-priority tasks you must execute on every single day to make progress toward your goals.

If you're looking to achieve a specific physique...

One of your tasks could be lifting weights.

If you're looking to reach a specific point in your career...

One of your tasks could be taking 15 minutes to develop the skills required to get there.

If you're looking to grow your brand...

One of your tasks could be connecting with 5 new people and introducing them to your company.

Whatever your goals are...

Your 5 critical tasks should be designed to help you reach them.

...But whether you're executing on these critical tasks day in and day out with the proper intent is entirely up to you.

Over time, these tasks will become second nature to you.

Instead of making a conscious effort to go out and execute...

You'll be able to do them automatically at a high level.

When this becomes the case for any of your tasks...

You need to keep them this way.

You then need to replace these tasks with new tasks because you have now formed habits out of your current critical tasks.

Your daily routine for success is not a routine.

It's strategy.

It's a strategy based on winning the day by completing all of your critical tasks.

Here's how it works...

Win The Day: The Ultimate Daily Routine For Success

When you execute on all 5 of your critical tasks for the day...

You win the day.

If you fall short by missing a task or executing with the wrong intent...

You lose the day.

The ultimate daily routine for your success is building the habit of winning the day.

When you win enough days in a row by completing your critical tasks...

You build momentum.

When you build momentum and continue to win the day...

You are creating a habit out of winning.

Reaching your goals and winning in life is just a sum of the days you've won.

It's simple math.

It's adding up the total number of days you've won.

When you win enough days...

You win the week.

When you win enough weeks...

You win the month...

When you win enough months...

You win the year.

When you win enough years...

You win in life.

This is exactly how it works.

Win the day.

That's the secret you've been looking for all along ... and it's not even a secret.

Everyone is looking for the corner to cut or the hack to get them to wherever it is they're trying to go.

It's the work.

Always has been...

Always will be.

But the concept of winning the day and executing on 5 critical tasks is a strategy to do work in the most effective way possible.

It's prioritizing and executing in a very simple way.

This is a strategy I've used to create the life I have today over the course of 25+ years in business.

...and now I run multiple companies collectively valued in the 9-figures.

I also employ thousands of people and have a pretty incredible life.

It's not a coincidence.

It's by utilizing this tool.

...and I call this tool The Power List.

The Power List: Your Guide to Dominating Life

When you focus on winning the day by executing on your 5 critical tasks...

...and you repeat this process every single day over the course of your life...

That's what creates the massive wins.

It's not magic or some secret daily routine for success...

It's consistent execution.

This is what The Power List teaches you.

Because the truth is...

You already have everything you need to win.

If you can win one day...

You can win in life.

But that's a daily commitment you have to make.

You're paralyzing yourself by looking at your massive goals and realizing how long it's going to take to get there.

Yes ... It will take time.

That's part of the success equation as well.

But the only way to climb a mountain is one step at a time.

The only way to reach your goals is by winning one day at a time.

The Power List is your daily routine for success.

...and I even developed a Power List you can purchase to start winning the day.

Just know that what will ultimately help you reach your goals is your commitment to the daily execution.

That's true whether you choose to utilize The Power List or not.

It requires discipline.

It requires tenacity.

It requires fortitude.

...and above all else...

It requires mental toughness.

You Won't Need A Daily Routine For Success With Mental Toughness

If you're serious about achieving your goals and building the life you envision in your mind and heart...

You need to start by developing mental toughness.

You need to build mental toughness because it is the foundation for every other skill necessary to become successful and win big in life.

...and if you were to take a look at all the people who have done incredible things in their lives...

You'll recognize that this is a skill these people all possess in abundance.

That's why I created a program that can help you build mental toughness called 75 HARD.

75 HARD is a 100% FREE, complete transformative mental toughness program.

If you execute on the program exactly as I lay it out for you with 0 compromise and 0 substitutions...

You and your life will never be the same.

Learn more and get started with 75 HARD here.

You can also read more about mental toughness and 75 HARD in my book, The Book on Mental Toughness.

Master mental toughness...

...and you won't need a daily routine for success.

Use The Power List...

...and you'll build the habit of winning.

Those are your tools.

Now go execute.

Go win.

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