You Don't Need Permission

February 01, 2020 2 min read

andy charger

If you're waiting around hiding in the shadows for someone to come along and give you permission to be're going to be waiting for a very VERY long time.

The fact is...we are here for a very short time...and then...we die.

If you aren't working day in & day out to build your ultimate life....what the fuck are you waiting for?

The world owes you and will give you NOTHING.

Nobody will believe in you until AFTER you've done it....or are at least well on your way....and then the same people who were laughing and telling you you're crazy will be saying "I always believed in you" and asking you for a job...while you chuckle internally.

Don't let your little delicate panties get in a bunch because your friends laugh at you when you say you want to own a Lamborghini (like they did to me) or build a great business/career or build an extraordinary life...instead make a mental note, save it inside and use it as internal fuel when you find yourself wanting to quit or cut a corner.

The good news is you don't need anyone’s belief or permission to be great!

You don't need the world’s permission to be great.

You don't need your parent’s permission.

You don't need your girlfriend’s permission.

You don't need you boyfriend’s permission.

You don't need your spouse’s permission.

You don't need your teacher’s permission.

You don't need anyone’s permission!

You know what happens in real life when you raise your hand and wait for permission to take a piss?

You piss your fucking pants.

The only permission you need is from that motherfucker who stares back at you in the mirror everyday...and a willingness to DO THE FUCKING WORK...longer, harder and better than ANYONE!

Now what are you gonna do?

Are you gonna go buy another "success program" looking for the secret recipe that doesn't exist or read another meme about someone else's life or dream for another day about how you'll "start tomorrow" ... or

Are you going to go out RIGHT FUCKING NOW and do something that brings you closer to YOUR greatness?

It’s your choice.

99% of you will sit there, move on and think “Ill do it tomorrow”.

That’s why you’ll never be the 1%.


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