In Order To Be Great ... You Will Need Help

February 02, 2020 2 min read


No matter what your current role in your career there will come a time when you need the help of others to reach peak levels...

...if you aren't seriously developing your interpersonal, management & leadership skills at THIS VERY are severely limiting the kind of progress you will be able to make in life.

You will always work for another.

You will never run a truly successful business.

If you do find yourself working for a successful company you will always be in low value (low income) positions.

You will be a cog.

Lots of people think great leaders are born.

That is false.

Leadership is a skill as well as an art.

You can learn the skills from a book.

But you can only learn the art through experience.

Which means you have to act before you feel ready.

That’s really something to think about isn't it?

In order to become a great leader you have to lead before you feel ready & qualified to lead.

That scares you doesn’t it?

It’s supposed to.

Leading is not a comfortable message after a long day on the golf course.

Being a great leader Is a fucking battle externally, and even more so, internally.

So no, great leaders are not born.

That's just the justification people who aren't willing to learn the skills of leadership and endure the mastering of the art of leadership make.

While we are on the topic...

Great teams are not accidentally formed.

Great culture doesn't happen by luck.

People who win consistently are not lucky.

These aspects that are a necessity of a winning TEAM in sports or business ARE MADE.

The question becomes...

What are you doing to become a more effective leader?


...are you just willing to make less money?

Or are you willing to settle for a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse who isn’t truly what you want?

Or are you willing to raise children that aren’t equipped as well as other children will be?

Or are you too scared to step up and be what you know you could be?

Big Hint: None of the “Ors” will get you anywhere but where you are now.


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