"Everyone Would Love This!"

January 31, 2020 2 min read


"EVERYONE WOULD LOVE THIS!!!" is the kiss of death in business...and life.

When someone pitches an idea to me and proudly exclaims that statement...I'm done...It's over...Bring me a beer.

Whether we are talking business, politics, your personal social media brand or just life in general...YOU...the REAL you...just isn't gonna be for everybody.

In fact, if you are...you're just not going to be very successful.

For this lesson's sake...let's say you own a business.

You want ALL the business because you want to be as successful as possible right?

Who wouldn't?

You work to make everyone happy with your brand and be everything to every type of person.

You go out of business.


The idea that you can gain all the business by being everything to everyone is THE NUMBER ONE reason I see brands fail.


Because being everything to everyone forces vanilla death upon your brand.

You are unable to stand for ANYTHING because a big part of the population out there will not resonate with your stance...no matter what it may be!

The conversation goes like this "let's tone this down because this segment of the population will not like that"...and when you have that conversation enough...you end up with a stale, vanilla, meaningless, boring & average brand...that NOBODY LOVES.

People want to LOVE your company...not just like it.

People want to identify.

They want to belong.

They want to rave about you.


Quit being so damn wishy washy and stand for something!

Have some mother fucking passion!

Quit watering down your dream.

If you LOVE IT...chances are others will too!

Designing a brand that appeals to everyone by watering down your ideas, image, passion & brand to become more appealing to the average person is the quickest way to earn an average income.

Quit building your brand around satisfying that one person who made a critical negative comment about yourself or your company...and start building your brand for the 50 people who made positive comments!

Don't be a pussy.

Have some balls.

Piss some people off.

Stand for something.

Be you.

THE RIGHT PEOPLE will love you for it!


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