What Is Success?

February 23, 2020 2 min read

What is success?

Some people will say it's a certain amount of money.

Some people will say it's raising a family.

Some people will say it's a number on a scale.

Everyone will answer something different to what “success” means to them...and guess what...ALL of those things are respectable and valid IF AND ONLY IF it’s true from your heart.

Lots of people will publicly say their definition of success is one thing because they think it makes them sound a certain way. (ie it’s their way of manipulating the views others have of them for acceptance)

However, few actually ever put thought into finding their true definition of success, which is why so many people feel lost in life.

How do I, ME, define success?

SUCCESS TO ANDY FRISELLA: A true commitment to the constant pursuit of my own true potential.

I know what you're thinking...”Why not just the fulfillment of your own true potential?”

Here is why:

Our potential is actually an ever progressive and ever expanding point in time.

It's a moving target.

And since our potential is ever increasing with each mistake we make, lesson we learn, and new skill we acquire, it's actually impossible to fulfill our own potential.

So to me, the commitment made to going on that journey (especially knowing you’ll never get “there”) is what you must be fulfilled by, because the “point in time” we are shooting for (fulfillment of true potential) doesn’t actually exist, because it's impossible.

Which ultimately means in plain English...you have to find fulfillment in the process, not the destination.

If you're a true achiever it’ll never be enough...

You must find your happiness & fulfillment in the work...it's the only way to be happy long-term.


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