Remember What Dr. Seuss Told You...

February 22, 2020 2 min read

Andy driving 

When we are little Dr. Seuss tells us one main theme...

Be yourself.

But what happened when you went to school the next day wearing what you wanted to wear, instead of what everyone else was wearing?

You get laughed at.

You get made fun of.

You get stuffed in a locker.

And that doesn't feel very good...

And so began the journey of conformity to avoid criticism and fit in.

We buffer who we really are...

We tone it down...

We deny our true desires...

We deny our true dreams...

We develop this alternate persona that isn't really us at all...

We lie to ourselves, our friends, and our families about who we really are and what we really want...all in order to avoid a negative comment and protect our delicate little feelings.

But think about the price paid to be safe and to be protected from the snickers?

All the dreams you had that will never be...

All the lessons never learned...

All the greatness never achieved...

An average, mundane, and dull existence filled with regret and the ever-present thought of what could have been.

All for the fear of a giggle, a laugh, or a negative remark THAT MIGHT NOT EVER EVEN HAPPEN...and if it comes from a person who won't fucking matter 5 years from now!

Makes all the sense in the world doesn't it?

Being your authentic self isn't just some sort of "good idea" or "bonus" that allows you to be happier and more fulfilled.

It's a REQUIREMENT of success.

Contrary to what you've been told and taught your entire life, if you want success, quit trying to be like everyone else and start being who you really are.

Authenticity is not only healthy, it's a key part of being trusted in business.

Worker Bees are a dime a dozen.

Yes men are a dime a dozen.

Suits are a dime a dozen.

People who will do anything, say anything, and jump for a dollar are EVERYWHERE.

You are only valuable if you have the balls to be authentic, tell the truth, speak up, and be who the fuck you are in your heart!

Authenticity = Trust

Trust Proven Over Time = Loyalty

Loyalty from your customers.

Loyalty from your employees.

Loyalty from your employers.


And it can only be obtained by not being full of shit.

So quit.


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